Stylish Netherwood Wedding – Janine + Ryan

Janine and Ryan’s wedding was beyond stylish. Think Vogue magazine meets Harpers Bizarre! Janine radiated hotness in her elegant Julia Ferrandi gown while Ryan smouldered like a James bond candidate in his tux! The decor was out of this world with the main feature being an enormous flower wall of red blooms. This was a wedding that sizzled but that’s where the heat ended. Nottingham road experienced a freak cold snap that weekend and temperatures dropped down to 3 degrees with an icy wind blowing through the Netherwood farm. This didn’t damper anyones spirits in fact it created a buzz which turned into one heck of a party!

Wedding Guests

This one is for my photographer friends …….

A good wedding photographer isn’t just a good picture taker. You need to have the people skills of a ninja, have an enormous sense of diplomacy, patience, assertiveness and humor. You will need to learn how to deal with different personalities whilst undergoing a huge amount of stress. No one wants to hire a bossy be –yatch and so much of your future business will happen as a result of word of mouth. The way you conduct yourself on a wedding day will sell you as much as your pictures.

How you deal with the wedding guests is as important as how you deal with your bride and groom. Whether you have a wedding of 6 people or 600 people you need to treat everyone with respect. They are an extension of the couple

Today I am going to take a tongue and cheek look at some of the guests you will encounter along the way.

Autumn Wedding at Hartford House – Kate + Mark

Kate is a horsey girl who rides a gorgeous chestnut at the Umdloti stables. Any wedding involving people who understand my love of horses gets me excited, but when the said wedding happens to happen at Hartford House you will find me even more eager. I absolutely love shooting at this venue and the farm was looking particularly magnificent on Kate and Mark’s big day with all the orange leaves infused with autumn light. It’s not often that a bride in heels is keen as nails to jump a farm gate and walk through the mud but Kate is an equestrian and I think she had as much fun with the horses as I did!

How to unboring your wedding pics? – Start by asking yourself what you love about your job.

I recently gave a lecture to a group of 30 odd photographers on behalf of Nikon on “How to unboring your wedding Photography” and one of the questions I asked the audience was “What is it about wedding photography that makes you love it?”

I believe that in order to make authentic images we need to turn inward to discover what we really love and what we are drawn to instead of blindly copying trends or trying to do what everyone else is doing. If we know what we like and why, then we can apply these to our own work and use it as a map or a guide. If we keep coming back to this map we can create our own path instead of looking at everyone else and following the status quo which aside from being boring, can be an endless cycle.

Durban Country Club Wedding – Cammrynn + Zane

Cammrynn is one of those girls who seems to have it all, she is as bright as a button, drop dead pretty, and has a huge circle of friends and family who adore her. She is also incredibly modest, and if you were to meet her tomorrow for the first time you might even think she is shy but let me tell you this gorgeous, stylish lawyer is also a tomboy who parties like a rockstar! Zane and Cam met as teenagers and apparently Zane was smitten from the get go! Initially Zane got ‘friend zoned’ but his big blue eyes and sparkling personality won her over and four years later they got together in Mozambique whilst on holiday. In the years that have passed Zane has become the son that the Larson family never had and now a husband to Cam who she can’t picture living without.