The value of photography today.

The other day I heard a photographer waxing lyrical about the doomed state of the photographic industry. He complained how difficult things are due to the huge increase in the number of photographers in the world with the advent of digital photography. Today whilst backing up old hard drives I made a folder of all the many shoots I have done for my brother and his wife and it got me thinking. There may be more photographers now than ever before, but human beings now place more value on photography than ever before.

Finnhamn Island Swedish Wedding – Brian + Johanna

On our last day in Sweden we met up with the Foxes to have a picnic and whilst we were feasting on cheese and wine, Brian asked me if I had an all time favorite wedding. Asking a photographer that question is a bit like asking a Mom if she has a favorite child! What I can tell you is that Brian and Johanna’s Swedish wedding and all the adventures and new friends that it brought with it, is now in my memory bank as one of the best experiences of my life!

Brian and Jo got married on Finnhamn Island in the middle of the Swedish Archipelago. The sheer beauty of this wonderful little landmass in the Baltic Sea is staggering! Finnhamn is a nature reserve and has has no cars, it is so tiny that one can actually cycle or jog around it in no time at all. This did mean that every single bottle of wine, flower, vase, fairy light and guest, had to be ferried in, which in turn meant that the logistics involved in pulling off the wedding were absolutely enormous. Luckily both Jo and Brian are very proficient project managers, and had a team of friends and family who got stuck in to make their vision come to life. There were no planners or décor people working behind the scenes on this wedding, only Brian, Jo and their nearest and dearest.

Wartburg Wedding – Helga + Bruce

Helga and Bruce’s wedding had it all. A horse drawn carriage, a brass band, a choir, balloons falling from the ceiling of the dance floor, 15 flower girls and Paige boys and a bagpiper. These sorts of things are always wonderful to shoot but my most favorite thing to photograph is love, heartfelt emotion and happiness and there was so much of that at this wedding.

Helga and Bruce got married in Wartburg, which is a tiny farming village in KZN in the middle of the sugar cane. Wartburg was settled in the 1850’s by Germans and German is still spoken by many of the folk about town including Helga and her family. As with most farm weddings, the whole community seemed to be involved in the wedding set up and there was a wonderful spirit of togetherness.

Behind the Scenes – Jax in Action at recent weddings

It’s been an incredibly busy season in Jax land. KZN winters are not quiet that is for sure! Here are some daft photos that Lizzy has taken of me in action over the past while. When I see photos of myself shooting I can only wonder what my clients must think but I am sure they are thankful I don’t wear dainty dresses and heels when they see the results!