Afrika Burn 2015

My plan for Afrika Burn was to shoot the living daylights out of it. I actually planned to shoot the daylights, the night-lights and everything else in between. But Afrika Burn had other plans for me, so these pictures are a story within a chapter of my Afrika Burn experience. This year was my second Burn, and I can tell you that there will be more stories and more chapters as we are already thinking of next year. It hooks you like that!

For those of you who haven’t heard about Afrika Burn, it is an arts festival that could be described as Africa’s version of Burning Man, and it happens once a year in the desert in the Tankwa Karoo National Park. Thousands of people come together to form a community that celebrates love, life, self-expression and creativity. It’s a place where you can be your inner unicorn and not be judged, a place where there is nothing to be bought or sold, a place where you can dance naked under the stars if that is really what you can do, or you can just sit and watch the sheer whimsy and delight of it all! It is an artist’s paradise, a safe space for the inner child to run free and for the adult to learn that society could be better if we all practiced more kindness, generosity and sense of community.

Tiger Lodge Jozini Dam Wedding – Cristin + Don

Cristin and Don could be described as professional travelers as they work in the super yacht industry! Their interest in globetrotting began a long time before they took up this career path though. At the tender age of just 18 they both left South Africa and headed off abroad. The interesting thing is that even though their paths hadn’t crossed at this point, they grew up in the same town. Some years later they landed up meeting and falling in love and, despite the fact that they suffered through a few periods of long distance, they stuck it out and got engaged in Florence.

Besides their love of traveling they both have an immense love for Africa, their friends and family and a good party! They chose Tiger Lodge Jozini as their wedding venue, as not only does it offer some incredible scenic African views, it was a perfect place for their loved ones to spend the weekend celebrating. The fact that they are both yachties and love the water may have had something to do with it too!

Time for time out ……

I believe that creative souls need to tap out sometimes to re-inspire themselves to make new work. The beginning of this year started off with a bang and we have hardly stopped running since. Luckily for me I mapped some time off to go shoot for myself, and now it is finally time for an adventure around South Africa. Here are some pics from my last mission to the Karoo. I am so excited for the space and time to breathe, to see and to be in a moment. I am also so excited to play with my camera and shoot just for me!

Babylonastoren Wedding – Amelie + Chris

Amelie is one of my favourite movies of all time, so when I received an email request to photograph the wedding of Amelie at one of the most incredible wedding venues in South Africa I was rather excited. Amelie is not unlike the quirky character of the iconic french film, she is also small, animated and unconventional with big brown eyes and a mop of shiny brown hair.

Babylonstoren suited their breezy laid back celebrations perfectly. They said their vows under the shade of an enormous old tree with spectacular views of rolling vineyards and later, when all the hugs and photos were done, the festivities continued as guests were treated to a sumptuous feast served at long candlelit tables.