Bushveld Wedding – Melissa + Conrad

I was so excited to shoot Melissa and Conrad’s bush wedding! From the very first email they sent through to me I knew that they were my kind of people. I could tell straight off the bat that they are both down to earth, a little bit off beat and a whole lot of fun. They planned a small, intimate affair at Bonamanzi game reserve in northern Natal with just their nearest and dearest. Melissa is American and Conrad is South African but they live in Washington DC together and their wedding marked the first time the two families would meet. I was psyched as I knew it would be an unforgettable day.

The Venue Fontana Wedding – Brigitte + Kyle

A couple of days after Brigitte and Kyle’s wedding the KZN Coast flooded and by flooded I mean that storm drains burst, roads had to be closed and houses were washed away. Things could have got very messy on their big day but luck was on their side and the only negative effect the threatening weather had on the proceedings was that their ceremony happened in a tent and not on the Umkomaas river bank as originally planned.

Their wedding took place at The Venue, Fontana which is on a beautiful farm on the South Coast of Natal. I am sure that this bash will be remembered by many of the guests as THE wedding of the 2016!

Kubu Island Engagement Shoot in Botswana – Nicole + James

It’s not every day that you receive an email from a potential client asking if you would be prepared to travel to Botswana to photograph an engagement shoot. I could put money down that it’s the first time anyone has ever asked any photographer to do their engagement shoot on Kubu Island in the Makgadigadi Pans. Nicole and James aren’t the type of people to do things in small measures though and are constantly looking for new adventures and experiences. They live in Maun and work as bush pilots, which means their job generally consists of flying tourists to remote destinations off the beaten track. The two of them dream big but aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty to turn their ideas into reality. This engagement shoot was a good example of that! The logistics involved in making it happen would probably have most people discarding the idea because it would be too much of a mission. This shoot involved a good 12 hours of driving through some crazy terrain in 2 4×4’s, packing enough camping equipment for 5 people to spend a night on a rock island covered in ancient baobab trees in the middle of the pans, feeding everyone healthy meals from the fire in a place with no electricity or running water, getting lost in the bundus with nothing but a map and a compass to guide us out, and nearly running out of petrol.

Hindu Wedding with Mendhi, Hurdhi and Wedding day – Shene + Kavish

I love photographing Hindu weddings. They inspire every single one of my senses with all the delicious colour and bling, the rich smell of incense, the incredible fabrics of saris and the intricate symbolic rituals. I love the way families are woven together and the deep sense of culture, tradition and spirituality that touch every part of each ceremony. This was the first Hindu wedding where I shot the Mendhi, Hurdhi and the wedding day and although it was a huge challenge from a technical and physical point of view it was an unforgettable experience. Shene and family welcomed us into their home like old friends and I felt so inspired by their closeness and the love that they share with each other.

Kearsney Manor Wedding – Simone + Keegan

The first time I met Simone and Keagan they were both in their work uniforms. The two of them work in the family business which is construction so I am sure you can imagine that the said uniforms were more practical than pretty. Despite the branded golf shirt I could see that Simone is a girly girl with a sweet softness to her heart. On the drive home from our meeting I wondered what type of dress she would wear on her big day and it was no surprise to me when I laid my eyes on her swirly, princess gown. Simone absolutely radiated in her floaty frock and despite the many happy tears her eyes beamed with joy. This pure delight was matched by her groom and every guest that attended. This was such a happy wedding and Kearsney Manor was the perfect venue for their I do’s.