Collisheen Wedding – Kerman + Trish

Kerman is a brave man! He booked the wedding venue and the photographer before even proposing to Trish. Some may say that this was pure madness, but I believe he just knew in his heart that his marriage to Trish was meant to be. There were no doubts or hesitations in his mind and he knew that she would definitely say yes. It was all very top secret and definitely a first for me as a photographer!

Kerman and Trish have alot in common, they are both numbers people who are very close to their loved ones. Both of them take their careers very seriously but their families are just as important to them and it was lovely to see just how proud their parents are of them. They seem to have the balance right which is very admirable!

They got married at the Collisheen in Ballito on an absolutely perfect March day. There wasn’t a breathe of wind and the light was just magical which got me very excited.

Talloula Botha’s Hill Wedding – Brenna + Justin

They say that opposites attract, but after watching so many couples together, I have come to the conclusion that there are just as many couples who work because they have so many similarities. Justin and Brenna have alot in common, most notably that they are both very much down to earth and are total fitness fanatics. Brenna is a personal trainer and has always been a sporty girl, Justin has always been a sporty guy and has run three comrades marathons. They are both committed to a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit, but they are also deeply committed to their families and friends. I was particularly struck by just how much they adored their nieces and nephews. There are no airs and graces about these two and so it makes sense that their wedding would follow along a similar vain.

Greek Kenyan Netherwood Wedding – Lara + Michael

It’s hard to really describe a Greek wedding unless you have actually been to one. The Greek’s don’t do anything in small measures, and Lara and Michael’s wedding was no different. There is just so much to say, that I don’t even know where to begin, nor will I be able to get through most of it in words here, luckily I speak in pictures! So far as words go …. I will start with my first thought, I smile a bit inside when I think of the two of them. They are both total romantics with a kindness and a generosity of spirt that would make any parent proud. Michael comes from a Greek Cypriot family who live in Durban, Lara grew up on flower farm in Kenya and they met while studying at hotel school in Switzerland.

What I loved about this wedding is that there were so many personal symbols incorporated into the decor and other elements of the wedding. The white butterflies were there to remind everyone of Michael’s late Mom, the acacia trees represented Lara’s Kenyan roots and all of the roses came from Lara’s Dad’s rose farm. It was a huge wedding in the sense that there were lots of guests, lots of bridal party members, lots of lavish decor, lots of whiskey bottles on the tables, lots of delicious food and lots of tule on the dress, but that didn’t detract from the sincerity of the occasion and the deep love that Lara and Mike have for each other and their families and friends. Big weddings risk being somewhat souless, but this definitely wasn’t the case with their wedding.

RIP Jess Nicholson

Life sometimes just doesn’t make sense. But I do know this much, In order to truly understand love and joy, one also has to understand pain and heart ache.

I went to Jess Nicholson’s memorial today and it was a heart-wrenching affair but it was also bitter sweet. I feel a colossal sadness and yet I also feel lightness in the positive and inspirational legacy that Jess has left.

Cranford Country Lodge Wedding – Tracey + Pierre

Tracey is a Durbanite and Pierre is Canadian, they met whilst working in Korea and have since moved to Cape Town. They have jumped through alot of loops to get to the point where they can live together and both of them absolutely love the Cape. They are particularly fond of all the wine farms down there and love a spot of wine tasting when they have time off together. Both of them are fun loving folk who have close relationships with the important people in their lives. It was therefore very important for them to have an intimate wedding with their nearest and dearest. They chose Cranford Country Lodge in the Midlands to say their I do’s and Pierre totally lost their bet as to who would cry first at the ceremony!