Home Affairs Signing and Brides on a beach – Charelle + Candy

I met Charelle and Candy about seven years ago when we all lived on the same property in Umdloti Beach. Life has sure changed for the three of us since then! I have seen these two go through many ups and downs and grow and flourish in the years that have followed, but the one thing that has always remained constant is their love and respect for each other.

Charelle is an extremely talented make up artist and as a result we have worked on so many weddings together over the years. She is one of the only make up artists who I trust to do my face and not come out looking like a drag queen or a geisha! When she told me that it was finally her turn to be the bride and that her and Candy were going to tie the knot in a civil ceremony in Home Affairs in Durban I know I had to be there to document the occasion! It’s not every day that one sees a Casey Jeanne creation in those government offices in Umgeni road. I don’t think the officiant had ever witnessed such a happy or stylish union! Later we went down to the beach to take a few quick portraits after a lovely lunch at Mundo Vida which another photographer covered!

Crystal Barn Wedding – Marilyn + Mike

Marilyn and Mike have a very special love story which all started whilst Mike was scrolling through his Facebook feed! Mike noticed Marilyn’s sparkling eyes and enormous smile staring at him from his screen and knew that he had to …

Unstuck Yourself Creative Photography Workshop Johannesburg 2017

So many wedding and portraits photographers are scared of their flash and panic when faced with tricky lighting situations. Often these same photographers can get stuck in ruts making safe images, which has them dreading work and serving clients who don’t resonate with them. Creative anxiety can also often be a huge problem and can debilitate new ideas and motivation.

If you are one of these photographers well then the next few lines are for you!

I know what it is like to feel totally burnt out and uninspired but with my Fine Art background, introspection and lots of reading I manage to push past the dark patches! 3 years ago I went on a trip to Bali to figure out what do with my life and my work. When I left South Africa I was battling with adrenal burnout and a broken heart. I had the most wonderful 2 life changing months in this magical land and by giving myself the space and time to think and dream I came home inspired and filled with a new lease on life. I realized whilst I was there that I wanted to help other people reach their potential and I dreamed up a workshop where I would teach other photographers to move from a place of “stuckness” and in to a place of creativity and self expression. My first “Unstuck Yourself Workshop” happened on a beautiful farm on the outskirts of Johannesburg last week. Not everyone can go to Bali for a shake up but you can take a day out of life to inspire yourself!

My aim for this workshop is to help you move past any fear you have surrounding your work and give you confidence to turn tricky situations into creative possibilities! I want to help you speak with your own visual language and create images that you are proud of! I have one spot open for the next workshop in Cape Town on the 1st of November.

Traditional Zulu Wedding – Nadja + Sandile

Nadja is a striking women with long blonde hair and twinkling eyes, she could be a German princess from a by gone era although her expressive face and enormous smile might have been too much for royalty of the passed. They always seemed to look so sad with those deadpan expressions in old paintings and pictures, and deadpan is not a way I would describe anyone from this family! Animated, inspiring, joyful, kind hearted, motivated and enlivened are however words that could be used! They are the type of people who I love to photograph. They are the type of people I love to be around!

On the 3rd of September 2017 Nadja married her Zulu prince for the 3rd time in a traditional Zulu ceremony in Eshowe where Sandile grew up and his family still live. It was such a wonderful experience for this photographer. I am fascinated by culture, by colour, by people and by emotion. This celebration was one of my most favourite weddings to shoot in my whole career and I hope you can tell!

Are you my new assistant???

My dear assistant Lizzy will be leaving me and I will be looking for a person to fill her role. Liz would have worked for me on a permanent basis for 4 years at the end of this year, and I have seen her grow in so many ways during this time. Besides learning so much from a technical and business point of view we have shared so many incredible life experiences together like visiting Mauritius, Sweden and Nambia. She has been a vital ingredient in my business and has added so much value. I am incredibly sad that she is leaving but I also know how much potential this girl has and I am so looking forward to seeing her fly.