The Mouse House Refurb – Part Three

If you have wondered why I have been quiet of late, it’s because I bought an old house to renovate last year. My plan was to buy a lock up and go, but when Simon Nicholson from Remax first showed Riaan and I The Mouse House, we both fell in love with it and thought it would be a fun fix up project . Whilst there have been many moments of fun, it has up until this point mostly been the most stressful, expensive and all consuming thing I have ever done – LIKE EVER! We are finally nearing the end and only now the blood, sweat and tears are starting to seem like they have been worth it! I have a giant hole in my pocket but when I look at these photos I feel darned proud of us!!

My budget was rather limited so we didn’t have the luxury of a project manager or fancy builder/architect to co ordinate, which meant that we were thrown totally in the deep end. I didn’t’ even know what a lintel or a shadow gap was before embarking on this crazy ride!

Corrie Lynn Farm Wedding – Nicole + James

If you follow my blog you may recognize Nicole and James from their engagement shoot that we did on Kubu Island in Botswana last year. It was a crazy adventure and an experience that won’t be forgotten. It took a huge amount of effort and planning to make that shoot happen, but Nicole and James are not the types to do things in half measures and they wanted to create something that was uniquely them.

I knew that if even half the amount of dreaming, scheming and organizing went into the actual wedding as was applied to our Kubu trip, it would be something extraordinary. Little did I really know! The wedding exceeded all my expectations and must have had one of the longest event sheets in the history of most weddings!

Guests were transported up a Dargle mountain in a fleet of old land rovers to the ceremony site where Nicole and James were married under a beautiful custom made wedding arch by well known South African artist Kim Goodwin. After the ceremony they sipped G&Ts in their Safari themed outfits, which were the required dress code for the day, whilst vintage aircraft flew overhead, occasionally dive bombing the party. Later everyone headed over to Corrie Lynn farm where they were spoilt with lots of vodka, delicious food by The Farmers Daughter, a lesson in Scottish reeling and yet more vodka!

Cathedral Peak Winter Wedding – Nastasha + Till

In the week leading up to Nastasha and Till’s wedding there was a snow warning by the weather folk. The photographer in me started to get excited about the possibility as I have never shot a wedding in the snow, let alone a wedding in the Drakensberg mountains in the snow! Being a South African wedding photographer I am far more used to shooting weddings in 35⁰ temperatures as opposed to zero degrees!

It poured with rain on the day before their wedding and it poured with rain on the morning of their wedding. The temperature dropped to zero degrees. It was literally freezing. The clouds were grey and ominous covering any hint of a mountain let alone a snow-covered mountain. I was beginning to feel rather sad for Nastasha and Till as they had chosen to get married at The Cathedral Peak hotel in the Drakensberg because the natural beauty of these spectacular mountains is held dear by both of them.. Till is German and many of his guests had flown out from Europe the idea being to show them how beautiful South Africa is. The Germans have seen enough wintery, wet skies and yet in the hours leading up to their wedding all one could see out the window were big grey stubborn clouds. Miraculously this all changed once the ceremony was underway as the clouds slowly parted to unveil majestic white peaks, a beautiful sight to behold! We didn’t get to play in the actual snow as it was miles away but it was such a blessing to be in this magical place at such a special time.

Best of South African Hindu Weddings

A while ago a young photographer confided in me that when she gets a wedding enquiry from a person with an obvious Indian name she turns down the wedding immediately by saying she is already booked. I was shocked and my mind jumped to conclusions. Then she told me that she had shot a few Hindu weddings and that these clients wanted mainly posed formal pictures, which she felt wasn’t her style. It is true that there are many Hindu clients that require loads and LOADS of posed pics, in fact I have heard of a wedding where the newly wed couple stood and posed for a photo with each of the 600 guests that attended the wedding! This old school style of wedding photography is not very documentary driven and perhaps not very creative. There are many people who still want that but there are many who don’t!

I absolutely love shooting Hindu weddings and I have been lucky to find some pretty darn awesome clients who have chosen me because my style of shooting resonates with them. They chose me because they wanted me to capture the spirit, atmosphere and emotion of the day. All of them respected the fact that I was not that photographer who was going to take a photo of them with each guest and the fact is that they had hired me to do a different job. My job was to record the way the wedding felt so that in years to come they could be transported back to those moments and relive the day!