Burnt-out and finding Balance in the wedding Industry – A Personal Post

Can you remember how inspired and excited you were when you first started your business in the wedding industry? You were so filled with hope and energy, delighted at the prospect of making a living out of doing something you love. You did the happy dance every time you got a job and spent days and months scouring the Internet to learn as much as you could to better your craft. Your new job was your passion and you had so much ambition and drive. Your focus was razor sharp and Enthusiastic was your middle name!

Then just like that, the newly engaged couples found you and you were so busy with wedding bookings that before you knew it you hadn’t had a weekend off in months. You found yourself working 6½ day weeks and your friends just stopped inviting you to social functions, as you were never free. You headed straight to the computer after waking and often didn’t even notice that you were still in your PJ’s at 2.30pm. Breakfast? Who needed breakfast? You survived off coffee and whatever was quick to stuff down your throat. You were so happy work was going well that you started to become a bit obsessed. You often put your clients before your partner, family and friends and everything became work, work, work. The person that came last in all of this was you. You didn’t have any time for family or friends, let alone yourself! You didn’t have time to exercise … damn you hardly had time to eat!

Talloula Botha’s Hill Wedding – Zanele + Basil

I was rather nervous about meeting Basil, as Neurosurgeons have a bit of a reputation and the truth is I am rather in awe of anyone who saves peoples lives for a living!!! I was soon put at ease by his humble and gentle personality as I discovered just how down to earth he is. Both Basil and Zanele are doctors and have been blessed with the clever gene. Basil specialised in Neurosugery while Zanele is a Radiation Oncologist. They met each other on a blind date and have been smitten every since!

They got married at Talloula, which is up in Botha’s Hill near Hillcrest and the whole day was extremely stylish with a sweet twist. I just loved the beautiful flower wall and the soft pastel colours. What I loved even more was watching Basil watch his beautiful bride!

Golf Estate Wedding – Jo + Craig

Craig told me that Jo’s family is so obsessed with golf that he realized quite early in his relationship with her that he would have to learn to play if he was going to get the girl! Little did he know that he would be celebrating his marriage vows to this girl on a golf course a couple of years later!

Besides the love of golf The Mount Edgecombe Country Club had a large enough hall to seat all of Craig and Jo’s guests and so it became their chosen venue. For some reason KZN doesn’t have many large wedding venues and it was important to them that they find a “venue to fit the number of people” rather than choosing “numbers to fit a venue”. The larger guest list was a testimony to how many special people there are in their lives and how loved they both are.

Hindu Wedding – Hemanth + Dori

If every wedding I shot was like Hemanth’s and Dori’s I would be a very happy photographer! It was one of those days where everything just ran so smoothly without an iota of stress or fuss and there was even time for a quick cup of tea. That never happens in my land!

Hemanth and Dori are both in the medical profession and met in the operating theatre in the States. After a Paris proposal they got married in the US and came out to South Africa for a second Hindu Ceremony with Hemanth’s friends and family. Although Dori is American she could have easily passed for an Asian princess is her sari. The whole day was rich with colour, texture, rituals and spices and my brief was to get really creative!

Advertising Shoot In Mauritius – Behind The Scenes

I have had quite a few people asking about my recent trip to Mauritius and my Mom has been asking to see pictures! I didn’t go to Mauritius to put my feet up and drink pina coladas, I went there on a commercial photographic assignment which was very different to the type of work I ordinarily do and very different to drinking cocktails in the sun!

About 3 months ago I got an email from a Brian asking me if I would be interested in going out to Mauritius to shoot an image library capturing the spirit of the island for a UK based advertising agency who were working for a financial institution in Mauritius. I am always game for aeroplanes and tropical islands so of course my interest was sparked immediately. After an internet stalk we found out that Brian Bainbridge is a very talented art director who is based in Cape Town but does alot of work for Uk based company called Luxury Branding.