Super chilled Zimbali Wedding – Grant and Mieka get married

The first enquiry I received from Grant and Mieka was certainly different to most enquiries I receive, they wanted their day documented with an emphasis on people, no pictures of shoes or perfume bottles …. no and I quote ….”posed bride & groom shots staring into each others eyes on a beautiful sunset walk etc… ; just some quality pics of the actual wedding and the reception”. I don’t think they even wanted a photographer in the beginning but family convinced them otherwise.

The Story behind the Zebra Pic – Pre and post production

When I made this picture I really never expected that it would create such a fuss. I received so many emails asking how I did it. Some compliments and even some negative comments. Instead of answering everyone individually I decided to do a blogpost so that you can step into my headspace for a wee while. I intended to write this ages ago but between my back to back weddings, mountains of editing and my computer dying I just haven’t had the time!

Laid Back Beach Wedding at The Estuary Hotel – Danette + Duncan

The first time I met Danette and Duncan was over the New Years period a couple of years back whilst holidaying at my sisters amazing guest house in Transkei. It fascinated me how different they are to each other and yet how well they work as a couple. Danette has an extremely serious job as a prosecutor while Duncs is a surfer through and through and works for Spider Murphy one of South Africa’s top surfboard shapers.

Romantic Zimbali Wedding – Nadine and Matt’s Big day

Nadine and Matt did the family thing before getting married. They already have many years together as a couple and 3 beautiful boys. I got to know the 5 of them during their engagement shoot which you can see by clicking here. Matt gave Nadine her perfect fairy tale wedding. Their big day was soft and romantic filled with flickering candles, gorgeous flowers, pretty pinks and vintage accents. It was the type of wedding little girls dream about with the big princess dress and twinkling fairy lights.