September = taking the time to push my boundaries ie Giving a speech at the South African Wedding Photographers Association party in CT on the 8th.

I know I made quite a few brides unhappy when I decided to take this September off weddings to push my boundaries and work on personal projects. I was beginning to feel like my work was stagnating so instead of sitting around talking about all the things I would like to do, I made the time to do them

Zimbali Wedding – Kristy and Quincy

Rain clouds and germs threatened Kristy and Quincy’s big day, which is enough to stress out any bride. This Joburg couple were to be married at the tropical Zimbali Lodge and when I met with them a few days before the wedding things seemed a bit dismal. Not only did the weather forcast predict heavy rain but both Quincy and I were dosing up with medicine to get rid of a rather nasty strain of flu.

Nikon Equipment – Jax’s bag

So with Google Analytics I can see what keywords people use when arriving at my site. It seems ALOT of you have typed in Jacki Bruniquel Equipment, Jacki Bruniquel Lenses, Jacki Bruniquel Wide Angle lens. So I decided to do this quick blog post on my equipment. I am a Nikon girl and I have shot Nikon since moving over to digital. Here goes …..

Intundla Bush Wedding – Sandy and Nate sitting in a tree …………..

I met Sandy and Nate quite some time back when I photographed Geoff and Yvette’s wedding up in the Drakensberg. I remember asking Sandy if they would be getting married any time soon and she just smiled and shrugged. It wasn’t too long afterward that I got word that they had got engaged and was really delighted when they asked me to be their photographer. I knew that if their wedding was anything like Geoff and Yvette’s it would be one heck of a party ……. Joburg people sure know how to rock!!

Madagascar – through my lens

We recently went to Madagascar for 3 weeks and it was such an amazing experience! It already feels so far away but editing these images brought up so many memories and emotions. I will be posting a wonderful write up my Mom did about our trip soon. I speak in pictures not in words so here is my Madagascan story!