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Any Regrets on your wedding day?

Stu and I recently got engaged and so now I am going to be on the other side of the camera!!! We are probably only going to get married in 2013 and we are slowly starting to work out what our priorities are. I decided to put a question out on facebook and the results were just too good not to share. I asked “Did you have any regrets about your wedding day?” Here’s what people had to say!

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South African Wedding Photographers Association Party – My Speech- Finding your own visual language in amongst the noise of Social Media

Now that I am back in Durbs and sitting at my computer while listening to the sound of the ocean, I find it quite ironic that the speech I chose to do at the SAWPA party in Cape Town was about finding ones own unique photographic voice. It’s ironic because I nearly lost my voice due to nerves on the actual night! It took everything in me to get up there and speak, but once I was up on the stage in front of the mic it was all ok.

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