Jax’s favorite Wedding pics of 2011

I just cannot believe that 2011 is nearly over!! Has anyone else out there noticed how ridiculously fast this year has gone??? It’s been a huge year for me on so many levels. I broke down with burn out at the beginning of the year, picked myself back up again. I stopped drinking alcohol for 9 months which gave birth to the fact that I am no longer a smoker. I stopped biting my nails. I traveled to Madagascar and Hong Kong. I got engaged with Stu. And I worked. I worked alot.

A Few from Mo and Len’s Couple Shoot

When I asked Mo and Len about their marriage they told me that they do everything together. They live together, love together, work together and play together. “We live along side each other and next to each other always”. I just love how the first image of them on the bike could symbolise the two of them whizzing through life, side by side …. moving as one but still as two individuals on one common vessel.

Another Fearless Award – Happy days

Fearless Photographers is an international organisation which is dedicated to kickaas wedding photography, the type of wedding photography that is honest and takes your breath away. It’s dedicated to real moments, real emotion, great technical ability, and well seen photos. I decided to join them not so long ago as I am just completely blown away and inspired by the level of work that Fearless Photographers produce. Every couple of months they have a competition and the winners are given “Fearless awards”. I got 2 Fearless awards the first time I entered, which you can see here, and this time I got one.