Airport/ Beachside Engagement shoot – Janlyn + Grant

When I first met Janlyn and Grant they were doing the long distance thing and spending quite a bit of time in aeroplanes! Although Janlyn is originally from Durban she was working up in Jozi and Grant was based down here in Durban. They both live in Joburg now, but Grant is an Umhlanga boy through and through and loves the beach. We therefore decided use two themes for their engagement shoot …… the airport and the beach!

Deep in the City – Emma + Murray’s Engagement Shoot

Emma and Murray are both city folk, they love the energy of the city and the bright lights and recently moved from Cape Town to Joburg. Em works in advertising and Murray in finance. When they first suggested a city themed engagement shoot in Durban I had to remind them that the center of Durbs leans more toward the Delhi big city vibe rather than a New York big city vibe.

Haibo Engagement shoot – Abby + Grant

When I asked Abby to describe her and Grant as a couple she said … “well I like round and he likes square, we’re opposites in many ways but we’re a typical Joburg couple who like to socilise in nice restaurants, work hard, keep fit and drink yummy wine”

Copying others’ work = Wrong Wrong Wrong and stunts personal progression!

The other day I opened one of those wedding magazines that only feature the suppliers advertising in them (you know the ones). I turned a few pages and noticed an image by a well- known local photographer; only the name on the image didn’t correlate. The name on the image was advertising a photographer that I had never heard of. A few pages later and BAAAAM there it was again. Once again I recognized an image belonging to an established photographer. Except this image had in fact been replicated by someone else and used in an advertisement.

This really irked me.