Hippy Wedding at Dreamcatchers Shane + Laurie

I don’t even know where to start here. How do I even BEGIN to explain what a dream it was to photograph a wedding in India? Let alone the wedding of two of the most free spirited special souls I know. No matter how hard I try, my words just cannot sufficiently encapsulate the feelings which I hold when thinking back to this magical time.

Clarens Farmyard wedding at St Fort – Ronel + Jannie

When Ronel first approached me about photographing their wedding at St Fort in Clarens she said “I love music and I love playing the piano. In Ireland last year I couldn’t travel with the piano so I bought myself a violin and taught myself to play; my Irish roommate and I are still friends, so I couldn’t have been that bad. I also like painting, drinking wine, growing a veggie garden and sleeping after a nightshift!” I knew then that she was my kind of bride!

My right hand women! Tish, Tash, Peacock or Parrot!

My business card may say Jacki Bruniquel Art and Photography but there is a little lady with a huge heart, lots of talent and a massive spirit who works alongside me. If you follow my blog or if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will know her as Natasha AKA Tash, Tish or more recently (her Indian nicknames) Peacock, Kingfisher or Parrot.