Palm Dune Blythedale Beach Wedding – Taryn + Judd

Taryn and Judd are two creative souls who met at work. Judd being the shy type admired Taryn from a distance and they got to know each other slowly. After a while of secretly fancying each other Taryn eventually made the first move. They have been together for six and a half years since then!

Black and pink Netherwood Wedding – Abby + Grant

I have always loved working with people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Abby definitely fits that mould. She loves big hair and bling and this was translated into so many facets of their wedding! She wore a huge princess dress, sparkly shoes and there were bouffants all round. Grant who prefers clean lines and simplicity looked super stylish in that perfectly tailored suit!

Laid back Hatchery Wedding – Natalie + Mike

The first time I met Natalie she brought me a MASSIVE bunch of country bumpkin flowers. On our second meeting I got to meet Mike and they brought along a bottle of champagne and a punnet of strawberries! When they found stretch tent hire to be a bit too pricey for their liking, they bought their own. They have now started a little stretch tent hire business with affordable rates on the side (see their details at the end)

They are just those kind of people. And honestly Nats has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Flip I have the best clients! I can’t even class these two as clients anymore they are now friends!