Zulu Nyala Game Reserve Wedding – Janlyn + Grant

On the night of Janlyn and Grant’s wedding, the moon was closer to the earth than normal causing it to appear 14 % bigger!!! Legend has it that a super moon can cause women to go in labor and that it could also turn one into a wearwolf! Well there were no new babies born at Zulu Nyala Game Reserve that night and I definitely didn’t see any wearwolves. What I did see was a huge gathering of friends and family eating, drinking, chatting and dancing under the bushveld starry skies.

Opulent Oyster Box Wedding – Claire + Dale

It’s not everyday that one gets to hang out in the Presidential Suite at the Oyster Box Hotel! Claire spent her wedding morning being pampered and prepped by the wonderful Drew and Charelle in this very suite. I had always wanted to know what the fuss was about, and it was certainly a treat to shoot in such plush surroundings. The fact that Claire, Dale and their families all look as if they have just stepped off a film set also added to the general feeling of lavishness! There were moments where I felt as if I was in the middle of a movie!

Fairy tale Romantic Wedding at Zimbali – Nat + Mat

Natalie is a true romantic with the spirit of a dreamer. Both her and Mat have been blessed with the creative gene and so their wedding was sprinkled with imaginative details. Fanciful creatures and horse drawn carriages bedecked the tables whilst the ceiling was adorned with a canopy of coloured umbrellas. They got married at their family church and went on to celebrate their nuptials at Zimbali. I couldn’t help but realise that their story runs deep, and even though their wedding marked a new chapter ……… this is a true tale of two old soul mates who were already bonded many moons ago.

Jacki land – Our new home

Stu and I moved into a new place in February this year. We went from the little Umdloti cottage shared with my sister Lisa, her husband Tyrone and the two main coons Ruby and Darwin, to complex living. This scared the hell out of me at first. I was horrified about going from old wooden floors to white tiles and electric fences but I can honestly say after some home TLC I am loving living where we are now.

Calderwood Hall Midlands Wedding – Hayley + Mitchell

Hayley or rather Doctor Hayley is one heck of an inspiring women! Anyone who has completed a Doctorate and run the comrades gets a serious bow from me! Did I mention that she also planned her whole wedding whilst doing her Doctorate? Yes Endurance could be used as her middle name! Besides all of that, Hayley is sweet as pie, she has such a lovely gentle nature and the prettiest eyes (which she definitely gets from her Mom). I can see why Mitchell is so smitten with her!