International photography award – 4 Fearless Award in Round 10

Fearless Photographers is an international wedding photography directory that represents photographers who produce wedding photos that wow! I have been so inspired by the absolutely outstanding photography on this site. Some of my wedding photography idols are a part of Fearless Photographers so it really blows me away that every time I have entered the Fearless awards thus far I have received an award. This time I got 4!!

Hotel Izulu Windy Beach Wedding – Alana + Chris

Alana and Chris both love a good adventure therefore it seemed rather fitting that they got married in the most extreme of weather conditions!!! They said their vows on Ballito beach on possibly the windiest day of the year. This certainly made it a memorable service and added a good dose of drama to their pics! After being just about swept away by emotion, wind and the tide everyone headed up to Hotel Izulu for their reception.

Evolve Hair Shoot

I have this dear friend called Drew who owns a salon called Evolve. Drew loves to challenge me to push my boundaries. He always does and I suspect he always will. The shoot that you see here was no different! I am thankful to him for doing so as my life would be dull without him! This was my first ever hair shoot and I learnt so much!

Tash and Jax’s top tips on preventing wedding stress.

On the 23rd of July last year my Stu proposed to me in aqua blue water whilst snorkeling with turtles in Madagascar. It’s been almost a year and we still haven’t set a date!! There are many reasons as to why this is but one of them is that I am secretly rather scared of tackling the whole wedding elephant. From my side of the camera I have seen enough strung out brides to know that organizing a wedding is a stressful affair!