Hotel Izulu Pink and Green Wedding – Kerry + Wez

Kerry, aka Monkey, is part of my book club which doesn’t read books. She is an old friend. The type of friend who has survived the cold dark winters of London with me, the type of friend that has been there for break ups and break downs, the type of friend that knew me when I was still serving drinks in a bars and wore a bindie every day because I was still in a post India haze.

Monkey teaches at Chelsea Primary School and some time ago she mentioned that she had been hanging out with the PE teacher quite a bit.

Love on a Construction Site – Sally + Tom

I do believe that Sally and Tom must be two of the most patient people in the world. Tom is an architect, and in my experience, patience is definitely required when dealing with builders. Sally teaches small children which definitely requires bucketloads of patience (who am I kidding? … oceanloads of patience would be a more apt description here) They are currently building their first home in London and are living in a construction site … more patience required.

Curve balls, creativity and nurturing the artists spirit.

They say that you don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.

Have you noticed that life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at you? Have you noticed how something that seems like the worst thing to have happened to you at the time often lands up being the best thing in the long run? Have you noticed that listening to your inner voice more often that not leads to personal growth?

Fairy Tale Hillcrest Wedding – Lisa + Chris

Lisa dreamt of marrying her prince at a wedding fit for a princess. She wanted the fairy tale ….. the romance, the candles, the huge princess dress, the castle and the turrets. She found all of these things at the quirky Medieval Hillcrest venue, Greensleves. Both of them were transformed into Prince and Princess of the day without too much polishing and they certainly looked absolutely dashing together.