Marine Maternity – Shane and Zo

My brother Shane and his beautiful wife Zo, are people of the sea. They love the sound of the ocean, the thrill of a wave, the feel of sand between their toes and the ebb and flow of the tides. In a few weeks time they will be having a little mermaid and we are so excited for her arrival!

Netherwood Wedding – Emma + Murray

Em and Murray got married at Netherwood in the Natal midlands and she was definitely one of the most chilled brides I have had the pleasure to work with. Alot went wrong in the build up to their nuptials, but Em seemed to just smile through it all! The day before the wedding the sky went black and angry clouds stormed up a scene that looked as if it were out of the apocolypse . The marque which had been set up outisde the chapel to seat all the extra guests blew away. As Em arrived in the chapel my hair caught alight (no I am not kidding .. it actually flamed and smoked) There were many glitches along the way but in the end ……. there were only happy hearts and lots of laughter.

Vintage Farm Wedding in Creighton KZN – Roxy + Dale

Dale grew up on a dairy farm far away from the big city …. Roxy on the other hand spent most of her life living in the heart of big cities!

Roxy loves shoes, shopping and manicures, and Dale loves the great outdoors, rock climbing and insects. The one thing they do have in common is that they both love a good adventure. They love their families, they love traveling, the love romance, they love God and they love each other. They also love a good project …..

And boy did they set themselves up with a good project when they decided to get married on the Hutton Family Farm in Creighton.

Unscripted Oyster Box Wedding – Susan and Marcus

Susan and Marcus live in Botswana and came down to Durban with their best friends and family to have a destination wedding at the grand old Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga.

When I asked them about what they expected from me as a wedding photographer they said “Capture all the moments of the day as it unfolds, if the kids are crying shoot it, if it pours with rain shoot it, if the bride runs late shoot it” …. “We aren’t interested in loads of pictures of the bride posing whilst wrapped around a wall, we aren’t interested in pictures of shoes and of decor … we want real images, the action shots, the honest moments”.