Best of Weddings

Yesterday I gave a guest lecture to the photography students at Vega about wedding photography.

I showed them these images during my talk and it really struck me that these pictures are a good indication of my style. More than that, they reaffirmed that my style is based on the reasons why I enjoy photographing weddings.

I love photographing weddings for many reasons. Firstly I get to be creative, think out of the box and make beautiful images that are about people. Secondly, I have a Fine Art background and am completely inspired by light, balance, colour and beauty and I consciously seek these things out when shooting. I also love to be able to get into the headspace of my clients and to make images that communicate my interpretation of who they are. What works for one client isn’t going to work for another. When I manage to combine all of these things, then that is when the magic happens for me.

Next thing is that I also love shooting in a photojournalistic style where my focus is to capture the unscripted moments. Weddings are about the coming together of friends and familes to celebrate love and commitment and with that comes a heightened sense of emotion and drama.  As much as I love taking portraits and making creative pictures I also love to photograph all of the real things that happen on the wedding day. I love photographing the kid who is misbehaving, the Mom who is overcome with emotion, the stolen glances between the couple, the big hugs and kisses … all of those moments which make us human. This is the stuff that makes me tick!

Then there is music … I love music. Music gives me energy and although wedding music has a reputation for being cheesy, it is still music!!!! Generally the music comes on after I have already been working for many, many hours and it brings on a second wind! I love photographing everyone dancing and having fun! This does fit into the photojournalistic style but I feel it deserves it’s own paragraph.

Weddings are highly stressful and as a photographer one is thrown many challenges like dealing with huge groups of people, late brides, difficult lighting situations, screaming kids, crazy winds and torrential downpours, to name but a few. I like to overcome the challenges. I believe that magic happens when pushed out of one’s comfort zone. I love that one wedding is never the same as another. I love the fact that I get to work all over the country and I try to capture a sense of place in every wedding that I shoot.

To conclude I love to use my visual language to create images especially for each client, images that narrate the unique story of their particular day and images that fit their personalities. I look for the light … not just the light that gives birth to photographs, but I also the light within people, the light that makes us human.