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Traditional Zulu Wedding – Nadja + Sandile

Nadja is a striking women with long blonde hair and twinkling eyes, she could be a German princess from a by gone era although her expressive face and enormous smile might have been too much for royalty of the passed. They always seemed to look so sad with those deadpan expressions in old paintings and pictures, and deadpan is not a way I would describe anyone from this family! Animated, inspiring, joyful, kind hearted, motivated and enlivened are however words that could be used! They are the type of people who I love to photograph. They are the type of people I love to be around!

On the 3rd of September 2017 Nadja married her Zulu prince for the 3rd time in a traditional Zulu ceremony in Eshowe where Sandile grew up and his family still live. It was such a wonderful experience for this photographer. I am fascinated by culture, by colour, by people and by emotion. This celebration was one of my most favourite weddings to shoot in my whole career and I hope you can tell!

The Orchards White Wedding – Sandile + Nadja

There is a famous Annie Liebovitz quote which says “A thing that you can see in these pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people” I wouldn’t be so bold as to ever put my work in the same league as Annie but I am going to steal her quote for this wedding story! I have found that I produce better work when I get to know my clients and when I first met Sandile and Nadja it felt like we had already known each other for lifetimes.

Sandile is South African Zulu and Nadja is German, they met in Africa, fell in love, fell pregnant, merged stories, cultures, families and lives. Years later they made it official and brought Nadja’s closest family and friends from abroad and got married under the African sky in two ceremonies. The first “white wedding” happened at The Orchards up in the KZN Midlands and the second traditional Zulu wedding happened in Eshowe a couple of days later.

The Best Of: The Oyster Box Hotel Weddings

A while back the marketing ladies from The Oyster Box Hotel asked me if I would be open to them using some of my imagery on their website. This beautiful Umhlanga hotel is one of my favourite place to photograph weddings in the whole of South Africa so I was more than happy to comply! I have shot ALOT of weddings at The Oyster Box over during all my many years of being a wedding photographer and whilst gathering the images together I realised it would make a fabulous celebratory blog post!

This luxury five star hotel is a prime South African wedding destination for so many reasons! It overlooks a pristine beach housing the iconic Umhlanga lighthouse, the decor in the hotel is breathtaking which for an artist like me is so inspirational, the service is through the charts, the food is absolutely delicious and the staff are all so friendly. If you are a couple who are looking for a classy wedding by the beach without the beach sand, this may be the venue for you!

Celebration of South Africa’s Women’s Day

I had breakfast with a fellow photographer the other day and we were chatting about the nuances of being a wedding photo-journalist. There are some photographers who don’t shoot a single portrait on a wedding day and never move a thing or direct a single moment to stay true to the ethos of documentary photography.

I personally believe that there is a place and a market for all styles and approaches, however I love photographing portraits. Depending on the client and what they want from their wedding day I often aim to create images which portray my clients as the beautiful souls that they are to me.