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The Mouse House Refurb Part 4

It’s been a while since I have done a Mouse House post! To be frank we moved in and all revamping came to a grinding hault! We were so tired and rather traumatised by the whole building business that we needed a break. I also needed to put my head down and get back to work. Slowly but surely we are picking up the paint brushes and hammers and things are back on track. But for now … Here’s the bathroom story!

Tzaneen Backyard Wedding – Tatum + Terence

If I had to choose one word for summarise Tatum and Terence’s wedding it would be FUN with a bunch of added exclamation marks! These two enjoyed every darned second of their wedding and it showed! The guys began their day down at the dam on Tatum’s Dad’s Tzaneen farm. They swam, swung, skottel-braaied for brunch and drank whiskey. They had so much fun that the girls could hear them splashing and whooping whilst they were getting their hair and make-up done at Tatum’s sisters house. Claire, also known as Fro, lives in a house perched on top of a hill overlooking the dam mentioned which meant that they could watch all the crazy antics of Terence and his men! Whilst there were no backflips happening in the girls corner, there was much laughter and a lot of talk about cats! After a rather toasty marriage ceremony conducted by their good friend, the bridal party sped off on motorbikes for one of the most fun bridal party shoots I have done in a while! There was a moment where I was balanced rather precariously in the front of a moving farm vehicle in order to get ‘the shot’ so much so that I questioned my sanity but it was worth it! Once the bridal party left we ventured into a local avocado plantation and the light was nothing short of magical. It was my first time in Tzaneen, which is a mountainous farming area up in northern Limpopo, South Africa and I was really blown away by its beauty. I so wished I could have stopped time and have at least an extra 300 extra hours to shoot more! There is so much to explore up in Limpopo! Alas the sun went down and we headed back to the reception which happened in a stretch tent set up in Tatum’s Dad’s backyard

Rockhaven Elgin Wedding – Melodi + Alex

Melodi and Alex met in Muscat, Oman and made a life together. As with most ex pats they have friends from all over the world who have become like family. Melodi is South African and Alex is British so their families are also of different nationalities and scattered in different parts of the globe. After Alex got down on one knee in Lake Como and they started planning their wedding, they made a decision to prioritise the experience of their guests over any other wedding tradition. They also wanted to give their guests enough time to make a plan to attend, this meant that Mel and I were chatting for a long time before we actually met!

She has a delightful online personality and I loved receiving her chatty emails over the year of planning. When we finally met in Elgin the day before the wedding it was confirmed that her cyber character is as awesome as her in person persona! Melodi was very honest about the fact that her and Alex suffer from FOMO and didn’t want to be away from their guests who had flown in from all over the world for very long. This was a destination wedding with a capital D!!! They had guests from all four corners of the globe and Rockhaven was the perfect venue to show all the foreigners a good time! It’s an hour and a half from Cape Town and so picturesque boasting mountain, vineyard and orchard views.

Home Affairs Signing and Brides on a beach – Charelle + Candy

I met Charelle and Candy about seven years ago when we all lived on the same property in Umdloti Beach. Life has sure changed for the three of us since then! I have seen these two go through many ups and downs and grow and flourish in the years that have followed, but the one thing that has always remained constant is their love and respect for each other.

Charelle is an extremely talented make up artist and as a result we have worked on so many weddings together over the years. She is one of the only make up artists who I trust to do my face and not come out looking like a drag queen or a geisha! When she told me that it was finally her turn to be the bride and that her and Candy were going to tie the knot in a civil ceremony in Home Affairs in Durban I know I had to be there to document the occasion! It’s not every day that one sees a Casey Jeanne creation in those government offices in Umgeni road. I don’t think the officiant had ever witnessed such a happy or stylish union! Later we went down to the beach to take a few quick portraits after a lovely lunch at Mundo Vida which another photographer covered!