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Hong Kong Portraits – Saysana + Brendt

We may not live in the same country or even the same continent, we may not have the same accent or the same orientation, but I know that no matter how much time passes between visits, it’s as if not a moment has moved on the clock when I see my two dear friends Saysana and Brendt.

Here is a series of portraits I took of two of my most favourite people on this earth whilst I was in Hong Kong.

Bali Family Portrait Shoot – The Down’s

Amy and I first met in the UK when I was just a 22 year old newly graduated fine art student still wet behind the ears. We lived together in a crummy semi-detached house in Kentish town with a bunch of other Antipodeans. In the years that followed we became very close. Aims saw me through various bar jobs, broken hearts and bouts of home sickness. We also danced the night away on numerous London dance-floors, spent time doing yoga in the Himalayas and sailed around the Whitsunday islands. I was there when she first met Brad and we all became a tight knit family during those London days. As with most stories, chapters come to a close, and we went home to our different continents and didn’t see each other for over ten years. In that decade apart we went on different journey’s and walked on different paths but the Down’s remained deeply entrenched in my heart.

Girl with Horse – Tegan + Anna

My Father owned horses when he was young and told us countless stories of how he learnt to ride a horse bare back; he told us stories about galloping through the fields and holidays spent at the stables. When I was a young girl I always wanted a pony but my riding experiences were limited to outrides in the mountains on family holidays. At the ripe age of 36 I decided enough was enough and that it was time to fulfill my lifelong dream to learn to ride a horse properly ,and so I begun to hang out at the Umdloti stables. This is where I first met Shelley and Tegan Knoop!

Marine Maternity – Shane and Zo

My brother Shane and his beautiful wife Zo, are people of the sea. They love the sound of the ocean, the thrill of a wave, the feel of sand between their toes and the ebb and flow of the tides. In a few weeks time they will be having a little mermaid and we are so excited for her arrival!

Guy Buttery – Character Portraits of a soulful musician

Guy Buttery’s music makes me close my eyes and look inward. It’s dreamy, soulful, clean and clever. Watching him play is interesting, as he shuts down and moves into another land … a land where he is seems to be swept away by a creative force. If meditation had a dance, and if that dance had a sound, and if that sound had a playful joyful twist….. then in my opinion, that sound might just be Guy’s music.