Afrika Burn 2014 – Tankwa

I have always wanted to go to Afrika Burn, and this year I did!! What is Afrika Burn you ask? It is an arts festival which is held in the desert in Tankwa National Park some 18 hours away from the green lush beaches of Natal where I live. Why would I want to head all the way down there? Who wouldn’t want to go to a giant dress up party where people ride unicorns and dance under a blanket of Karoo stars? I cannot think of any reason to not want to experience a place where random acts of kindness are encouraged, and whimsical self adornment is a dress code! Afrika Burn is a festival where anything goes and the reality of typical life is left behind in the dust. Nothing can be bought or sold during the festival, gifting is a core value and the act of leaving no trace is a rule.

They say that you will never be the same after experiencing an Afrika Burn … the truth is that my life had changed so much before arriving in that dusty pan that I couldn’t understand what that actually meant. Now I do!

Will I be back next year? Damn straight!!!!

Huge thanks to all my camping compadres! My time at Afrika Burn could have never been the same without this very special chosen family. I feel so hugely lucky to have experienced all that we did with all of you! Love you all!!!!

Also huge thanks to Patrick from Outex South Africa for getting my Outex system to me in time. Looking forward to working more with you. Keep an eye out for my product review to follow shortly along with pics from the dust storm we found ourselves in!

All pics are were shot with my Nikon D4, Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 housed with an Outex!!