100% Documentary Wedding Photography – Kearsney Manor – Debbie + Mike

I have had a few people ask me recently what documentary wedding photography is. Pictures of a bride and groom smiling at each while sat on a vintage couch in a field could not be considered documentary wedding photography. Nor could images of a bride and groom holding chalk boards with love written on them. Documentary wedding photography, also known as wedding photojournalism or reportage photography, is a form of wedding photography where the photographer doesn’t direct people in ANY WAY. They capture real moments. They do not make moments happen in order to make images. They are a fly on the wall watching and waiting to click at that definitive moment, the moment where a story is told.

Debbie and Mike got married at the Kearsney Manor and they didn’t want images of themselves gazing into each others eyes under the fairy lights – they wanted to dance with their friends and celebrate the moment under the fairy lights!!!

I usually combine portraiture and photo journalism when I shoot weddings but it really depends on the couple and what they want. In this case I was only too happy to document the day as it unfolded!

Deb’s and Mike thanks for picking me!!! It was such a joy to see you both so incredibly happy!