Celebration of South Africa’s Women’s Day

I had breakfast with a fellow photographer the other day and we were chatting about the nuances of being a wedding photo-journalist. There are some photographers who don’t shoot a single portrait on a wedding day and never move a thing or direct a single moment to stay true to the ethos of documentary photography.

I personally believe that there is a place and a market for all styles and approaches, however I do love photographing portraits. Depending on the client and what they want from their wedding day I often aim to create images which portray my clients as the beautiful souls that they are to me. So many women have issues with self esteem and don’t like the way that they look. I believe that if you have a beautiful heart this will always shine through. I regularly have clients telling me that they are so unphotogenic and don’t photograph well. I love seeing their faces when they see my pics and are proved wrong! In celebration of women’s day here are some of my favourite bridal portraits.