My 40 favorite weddings images from 2010 and a bit of reflection.

Up till March 2010 I had called myself many things, a sister, a daughter, an artist, a girlfriend, a vegetarian, a surfer, a photographer, a friend, a world traveler, a South African, a creative, a food lover, a cat lover,…………  but never ever a wedding photographer.

And this year … things changed.

You see, I have photographed many weddings in my life but never, ever done this wedding photography stuff as a business, In fact I have never done anything as a business.

I studied fine art, I traveled, I studied more, I worked, I loved, I lived, I was… artist who happened to be a photographer who happened to sometimes photograph weddings.

2010 rolled in and all of a sudden I was buying new very expensive  equipment, thinking about branding, websites, blog sites, corporate identities, business plans, the cost of new equipment versus a year plan of gross overall profit, massive insurance costs, workflow and the type of software and knowledge that could help me to make it a bit easier. I was hiring staff to take the pressure off, learning about new lighting, learning more about retouching, learning more about business and thinking about the best photographers in the world and how I could better myself to not only be me but also a me that could hold up to an international standard, tax……..

My initial plan back in the beginning of 2010, was to set up a proper, well run business with a focus on wedding photography to support myself , so that I could make the art that I wanted when I wanted.

With all this business focus and the business of photographing weddings, I haven’t had much time to make art and whilst thinking about branding one day and feeling slightly dismal about the lack of art creation, I gave myself a task. This task was to choose my best 40 wedding photographs of 2010 without thinking too much with my head but rather with my heart.

There is something that has always got me about weddings. I love to be creative, I love to have freedom, and I love capturing moments of history. I completely get off on capturing emotion.  I love to hold a moment of history in a picture. I love the human spirit and the opportunity to make quirky or documentary pictures depicting such. If I have, for one moment, moved another person with my wedding pics then I have succeeded.

After looking through all my pics from 2010, I realized how lucky I am to have captured so many moments in so many peoples lives. It really has been such a privilege and an honor and so I have decided to share this with you all.

Thanks to all my couples and to everyone who has supported me.  I am truly blessed to have had so many incredible people in my life and so many amazing people who support me on a daily basis.

Thanks thanks!!!