Netherwood Wedding – Emma + Murray

Em and Murray got married at Netherwood in the Natal midlands and she was definitely one of the most chilled brides I have had the pleasure to work with. Alot went wrong in the build up to their nuptials, but Em seemed to just smile through it all! The day before the wedding the sky went black and angry clouds stormed up a scene that looked as if it were out of the apocolypse . The marque which had been set up outisde the chapel to seat all the extra guests blew away. As Em arrived in the chapel my hair caught alight (no I am not kidding .. it actually flamed and smoked) There were many glitches along the way but in the end ……. there were only happy hearts and lots of laughter.

Em and Murray met whilst studying at Stellenbosch University many years ago. It’s no secret that the Stellies folk know how to have a good party so I predicted a bit of mayhem!! Then I was told that all of the groomsmen have nicknames like Panty, Bus and Veg, and this just reaffirmed my hunch that their wedding could potentially compete for Reception bash of 2012! I wasn’t wrong! For Emma and Murray it was important that I catch all the real moments and particularly the fun reception times. They weren’t into a 2 hour creative shoot or millions of portraits … they were into having fun and having that spirit captured in an honest way.

Thanks so much for picking me …. it was a joy to work with you guys and your wonderful familes!!

PS The decor at this wedding was off the hook …..  they had actual trees growing through each table! Mrs Walker you rock!!

Venue: Netherwood

Hair: Drew Christie – Evolve Hair. 031-5646035

Make up: Candice Mac Nicol:

Church flowers, bouquets and button holes: Donna Walker (my mum) – 033-3472074

Decor/Flowers at the Venue: Donna Walker (my mum) – 033-3472074

Brides Dress: Gideon: 031 – 3039228

Brides Veil: Gideon

Bridesmaids Dress:  Tik Lee: 011 – 7844576

Wedding Coordinator: Donna Walker (my mum) – 033-3472074

Wedding Decor: Donna Walker (my mum) – 033-3472074

Videographer: Mark Thompson:

DJ: Jason Elkington, Loud Sounds – 033 3966 494

Trees: The idea of the trees came about because I had to think of a way to get my mum (whose an amazing floral artist) to be a part of all the fun and preparations without slaving away at the flowers for days before as she normally does. Telling a floral artist that you don’t want flowers is not easy but I knew she would have other types of magic up her sleeve. Also, by using trees we could avoid throwing away heaps of flower arrangements the next day. Our trees are going to be planted at the beautiful Camp Orchards where we can watch them grow.

Graphic Design: Anelle Mostert: