Red Ivory Hartebeesport Dam Wedding – Kea + Themba

Kea and Themba’s wedding is the last wedding of 2016 to hit my blog and by no means the least!

When Kea first enquired about having me shoot her wedding I sent her a response telling her that I wasn’t free that weekend, but that didn’t stop Kea. No, this lady is a determined one! She called me shortly after I had sent said email and won me over with her charm and delightful personality and I realized that she was the type of client that I love working with. Between the two of us we were able to shift a few dates and their wedding date was booked in. Then the unthinkable happened, I fell off my bike, broke my collarbone and knocked myself unconscious a few weeks before their big day. I had to call Kea and tell her what had happened knowing full well that if I didn’t shoot her wedding she would be very sad. The great thing about having clients who I really enjoy is that I was able to put my own injury aside and tap in to their energy. And there was a lot of energy at this wedding!

Kea and Themba got married at The Red Ivory in Hartebeespoort Dam on an incredibly hot December day. The things I will remember the most about their wedding are how incredibly proud Kea’s Mom looked as she walked her down the aisle, I will remember Themba’s vows, the impromptu dancing around the reflection pool during the reception, the beautiful views from this magnificent venue and Kea’s warm hug when she first greeted me!

Guys thank you so very much for being so patient with me. Thanks for being so caring, so lovely and so you!!!! Thanks for picking me!

And now for a few words from the Bride

They say your wedding day will be the best day of your life…… All we wanted was a day of love, smiles, good energy and a euphoric atmosphere. Our day turned out to be exactly that!

Weddings bring about so many different emotions. I remember love, laughter and lots of sunshine – such a beautiful mix of energies and elated spirits.The singing, the dancing and ululations were simply joy in its purest form. We danced… a lot.

The chapel ceremony was beyond magical. Ushered in by an emotional crowd, teary faces with the biggest smiles. In that moment everything ceased to exist. It was just the two of us in nature, on a treetop chapel with the mountain as our backdrop. The venue’s natural serene feel and breathtaking views was nothing short of amazing, and this created for a perfect setting.

Jax you were amazing. Ever since we’ve known you, we’ve been looking forward to this moment. I doubt anyone could tell that you had just suffered an injury. You’re a machine! Thanks to you and Liz for all your hard work and for keeping up with us on the day.

To our bridal team: You’re such a fun crowd! The fact that we got to enjoy our wedding and my birthday in the same weekend with all of you, was a bonus. More than anything thank you for putting up with us 🙂

To our families
Thank you for journeying with us. Hi khensa kahikwasu leswi minga seketela ha swona. Rirhandzu ra nwina ra hlamarisa.

To all our guests, not only were you there to celebrate with us, but to deliver blessings. I can assure you that they have been received.

Our relationship has been the most beautiful story of mutual appreciation, self discovery, immense growth and love in abundance, we look forward to creating the next chapters of our lives.

We cannot express our gratitude enough. If ever there was a day we could encapsulate, this would be it. Thank you

All our love
Mr and Mrs Mabuza

Venue: Red Ivory Lodge

Second Shooter: Liz Donnell

Wedding planner: Boitumelo +27 (84) 7345414 You are beyond awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!

Wedding co-ordinators:

Samantha Stewart Red Ivory
Eunice Cloete Red Ivory
At some point Red Ivory became home. Thank you so much for everything.

Decor and flowers: Lebo Malaka +27 (72) 3593437 Thank you for being the gem that you are.

Hair: Kabelo +27 (73) 2147535

Make up: Clarabanx (076) 1854651 Thanks doll!

Brides Dresses: Bridal Couture

Bride and Co

Brides shoes: Queue

Bridesmaids dresses: Gelique

Groom’s Suit: OS Man Tailor Made

Cake: Jess and Jada Cakes (073) 3977926

Music: MTones (079) 5114112

Videographer: Mighty Fine Productions

Priest: Fr Makhata +27 (73) 1875271