Sunnyside Park Hotel Johannesburg Wedding – Georgie + Chris

My favourite aunt Debs told me many stories about one of her best friends daughters Georgie and Jax. She told me about their creative, quirky ways and it was always very evident to me just how much she loved them. Then one day she mailed me to ask if I would photograph Georgie and Chris’s wedding. This was Debbie’s gift to them, so this is a special wedding for me and even though it happened up in Johannesburg it is close to home and my heart!

Georgie and Chris are both gentle souls who love their families and adore their two cats Bee Bop and Miso. They have been together for years and I think everyone was delighted that they finally tied the knot. The day started off in their homes, the ceremony happened at their church which they are both very involved in and ended with a reception at the Sunnyside Park Hotel. Even though these two both claim to hate being in front of a camera, they rocked it!

Thanks to Debs, Georgie and Chris for picking me and trusting me with your memories. You are so lucky I didn’t steal Bee Bop!

And now for a few words from the bride …
We love our friends and our family, our two grey cats and the mess of quirky trinkets found in our  flat. We treasure memories and moments, people and romance, we wanted a day full of fun and laughter, a day to remember for many years after and we are grateful to know that we love and are loved.
We were married at Trinity Methodist Church in Linden, the church where we used to write each other notes during the Sunday evening service, where we lead the youth group together and got to know each other.
Brett Mordaunt, our brother in law married us with Doctor Reverend Neil Oosthuizen, both of whom have know us for many years and seen us grow together and in our faith. Thank you to Claire for her beautiful reading. We are so grateful that we could have a personal ceremony with the words being true and so meaningful to us.
Thank you to Dayne and Mike who lead us in worship at the ceremony, both good friends.
Thank you to my beautiful cousin Maddy-Lyn Behrens who sang and played some of our favourite songs to welcome the guests to the venue. She is starting her career as a musician and can be found busking at Neighbour Good market on a Saturday,  on soundcloud, youtube and facebook.
Thanks to Paul and the DJs from  ZooSound for keeping the dance floor alive the whole night, -0766138902.
We are very grateful to Kelly Steenkamp from Berlyn Brides, and her very helpful fiancé Ryan for her offer to help us free of charge with wedding planning to gain experience. Apart from her incredible support in the crazy times,  they were both very hands on and she made a huge effort to make sure we were getting the best value possible.   Kelly- 0783292881
We had our reception at The Sunnyside Park Hotel, we wanted to contribute to a heritage site and we were lucky enough that they could accommodate us with very short notice, the staff were wonderful,  as was the food, and with its humble but elegant atmosphere we really feel we chose the right place for us. Thanks to the Sunnyside and staff.
Thanks to Justin for being an epic MC with so many kinds words and good memories to share.
Looking back we are absolutely overwhelmed by the help of our friends and family and we’d really like to thank them all for their incredible support and for just being generally amazing! The following items were done with love and care by these fabulous people and we will be forever grateful for all the hard work and time.
Cakes: Made with love and gifted to us by my mom, Kathy and our family friend Louise. Special thanks to dad and Claire Benincasa for the icing and to my fabulous sister Jax for the gorgeous cake décor.
Décor: This was a real group effort, we made use of all the bits and bobs we had at home, and each setting was unique,  thank you to all the people who helped set up the evening before, Drew, Hannah, Fran, Maddy, Dayne, Meg, Marc, Brett, Flora Dumisani and Ryan
Flowers: We went off to Multiflora and hand picked a variety of bunches, thank you to everyone who helped with flowers for the tables and the church, Jax, Hannah, Drew, Mom, Claire, Paul, James, Fran and Sharon and special thanks to Maggie and Jax for the beautiful bouquet,  posies and buttonholes. Thanks to Hannah for making a million paper flowers for weeks before for the selfie booth.Hair: Thanks to everyone at HQ Hair design, you were fabulous.
HQ Hair 011 431 1633Make up: Thank you to Sulize Kloppers for doing my make up as a gift, and for the trials to get everything just right.
Sulize 083 296 5730Brides Dress: Thank you to my sister Jax for lending me her precious and gorgeous wedding dress, I felt beautiful and it will always be special to remember that I wore my sisters dress and the 100 year old family veil.
A huge thank you to Debby Smith, one of my many moms. Thank you for gifting us one of the most awesome gifts, the gift of beautiful memories for us to keep forever. We were incredibly lucky to have had Jacki Bruniquel and her assistant Liz as our wedding photographers.
She is and absolute artist of light, colour and capture, we couldn’t be more lucky.
Thanks to Kathy & John, Carol, Mavis, Denise, Kenny & Merryn and Karl & Sharon for your generous contributions, support and help, we have been incredibly blessed and feel incredibly loved as we start our life together.