Why Photographers need to network and stick together.

I specifically didn’t book any weddings the weekend before I was due to leave for Madagascar as Stu was due home as I knew there would be lots of running around to do. Stu’s flight got delayed so I planned to sleep in and spend the day preparing for our trip. Early on Saturday morning my dear friend Samantha Maber called … she was on her way up to the Midlands to shoot a wedding and was deathly ill and wasn’t sure if she could realistically make it. Long story short, they stopped off at a clinic on the way and the doctor said there was no ways she could manage a whole 11 hour day. I went straight to her aid and shot the wedding for her. Sam is one of the sweetest people I know and I know for a fact she would’ve done the same for me, no questions asked.

This is a prime example of how photographers need to stick together and network.

Here are a few pics from Megan and Jame’s big day. Thanks for being so great guys!