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Best of Afrika Burn 2014-2017

This time last year I was frantically trying to finish up work in between burning myself with a glue gun in an effort to make flower crowns and party clothes! Yip its that time just before Afrika Burn again, except this year we aren’t going! In case you don’t know what Afrika Burn is, it is an arts and music festival that happens once a year in the Tankwa National Park in the Karoo. We did four years in a row and decided to take a break this year but now that the time is nearing there is a tinge of FOMO setting in.

Traditional Tamil wedding at the ICC in Durban – Yajna and Preston

I have always loved photographing Hindu weddings, in fact one of my best friends always jokes that I must have been an Indian in my past life because I am so fascinated by the culture! I was with Yajna and Preston on their wedding day from morning to late at night. We started with morning prep as they got into their outfits bought especially in India and photographed everything in between until the night time rituals where Yaj symbolically left her parents home for the last time and joins Preston’s families house. With all the venue changes and driving around there was a general sense of chaos on the day and yet there was also a deep sense of quietude during the actual ceremony. I find myself going into a meditation when I shoot hindu wedding ceremonies. Perhaps it is the music and the incense that allows me to delve completely into the moment or perhaps it’s because they aren’t rushed! I am also always smitten with the colourful saris, the jewels, the mendhi, the decor and the fact that these weddings are so family orientated! Yajna and Preston are both very close to their families and it was a beautiful thing to witness these two becoming one! They have been together since they were in high school and I could just tell that the whole family was delighted that they had finally tied the knot!

Crystal Barn Boho Wedding – Tamarin and Eric

Tamarin and Eric have a beautiful story and I love a good love story!

Tam left South Africa with a ticket bound for Hong Kong and infused with wanderlust and a mission for adventure. Being an avid coffee drinker she wandered into the Starbucks downstairs from the apartment she was staying in not realising that her life was about to change forever! On that day she met Eric who was between jobs and working as a barista in said coffee shop. Fast forward a few months and they found themselves falling in love while chatting till dawn wondering the sparkly streets of Hong Kong. Close to seven years later they got married in a devotional ceremony in a forest at Crystal Barn in the KZN midlands.

Spirit Fest Yoga Festival in Swelldam – South -Africa

Spirit Fest is a yoga, dance and music festival that happens once a year in the Cape in South Africa. It’s a festival that encourages the inner child to play, the self to align with spirit and the body to move. For four days you can totally immerse yourself in just about every type of yoga that i can think of, but there are also dance classes, sound journeys, meditation classes, relaxation sessions and informative lectures. The kids are well taken care of with classes designed especially for them and if they aren’t into yoga there is a dam to swim in!

Oyster Box Destination Wedding in the Presidential Suite – Emma + Cher

Emma and Cheryl have been together for twenty one years and engaged for nineteen of those years. In that time they have lived in London, South Africa and now Sydney. They have been there for each other through thick and thin and many highs and lows. It’s plain as day to me that even after all these years their feelings for each other still burn brightly and there was a sense joy and emotion at their wedding that gave me goosies and had my eyes tearing up behind the camera! This is a special love. A love that existed long before gay marriage was even possible.