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The Mouse House – Demolition Time – Part Two

I started my First Mouse House Blog with a reference to the fact that “You never know what is around the corner.” This seems to be a bit of a theme for 2016 in Jax land!

In case you didn’t catch that first post, I bought a house and we are now on a huge renovation mission. The plan was for me to document every step of the way but work has taken me away for a large chunk of the proceedings and am currently out of action with my arm in a sling! Yip I fell off my bicycle last week and landed up in hospital with a concussion, a broken clavicle and no recollection of what actually happened! Luckily I had taken some time out of work to deal with the house and the surgery all went well, so besides being an enormous frustration, feeling rather kak with the concussion head and bloody sore in the collar bone area I haven’t been too affected.

On the up side, I recently won the Admired in Africa Wedding Photographer of the year and with this came the incredible prize of a Fjui XT2 which I will definitely be using to take pics of the house! Right now I have been told to rest so …….. Watch this space for new pics.

In the meantime here are some photos of the demolition craziness that has been happening at the mouse house. Most of these were shot by Riaan on his phone.

The Mouse House Part One

They say that you never know what is around the corner and I would tend to agree as something rather huge has happened in Jax land! I have bought a house!!!! This was honestly the last thing I ever expected to do this year, in fact 2016 was meant to be the year where I would chill more and take some time out to go India to travel for a bit and not put so much pressure on myself. Life however had other plans for me and we landed up in a situation which led us here! And here is not a bad place to be.

The housey which shall forever be named The Mouse House is a real little gem with loads of character and a viridescent green garden lined with a canopy of indigenous trees. My favourite thing about the house is that it has a perfect verandah overlooking all the magic. The Mouse House was built in 1967 and it sports some delicious terrazzo tiles which most people would rip out but which I absolutely adore #ihavethisthingwithfloors Riaan would say that the best part is that it is right by a forrest and has two double garages and I would say that the best part is that it has soul and a wonderful energy which so many new builds are lacking these days. Riaan loves the 70’s vibe and I love the view. It has however also suffered from some pretty ridiculous design features which were so typical of that time, like compartmentalised spaces, a grotty kitchen and a less than spa like bathroom. Despite these, Riaan and I fell in love with the place on the first time that our estate agent Simon Nicholson showed us the property and we decided to take on this enormous project and refurb! It’s going to be one heck of a task and there are moments where I wonder what the heck I have done but I know that in the end it will be wonderful to create a space that is uniquely ours.

Cape Town December 2014/2015 – Through my eyes

Photographers are notorious with being really bad at documenting their own lives and actually getting us to edit and print the images that we have taken of our personal lives is a feat! These pics from our Christmas trip down to Cape Town have been gathering dust on my hard drive for six months now. I decided to adopt an “it’s better late than never” policy and give them a bit of love on the blog.

My sister Lisa and her husband Tyrone moved down to Cape Town some time back and having them live so far away is really hard as I miss them so but it does give me a reason to pop down as often as I can. I do love Cape Town!

Here’s a bit of Cape Town through my eyes!

RIP Jess Nicholson

Life sometimes just doesn’t make sense. But I do know this much, In order to truly understand love and joy, one also has to understand pain and heart ache.

I went to Jess Nicholson’s memorial today and it was a heart-wrenching affair but it was also bitter sweet. I feel a colossal sadness and yet I also feel lightness in the positive and inspirational legacy that Jess has left.

A happy ending for a rescue kitten

We all love a happy story and hopefully alot of us love a happy story that involves a kitten!!!

A while ago a good friend of mine stopped at a petrol station on her way between work shifts and noticed one of the attendants ‘shoeing’ a stray kitten into a drain. Being a cat lover she ran over to the little guy and he looked up at her and meowed. That was it for Zo! She grabbed him in her arms and took her back to the hospital where she works and gave him a bath as he was obviously living rough and was brown even though his coat is grey. Zo is a Doctor and was on shift work, and after bathing kitty settled down for a nap. The little kitten snuggled up into her neck and purred like a tractor. There was no way she was going to leave him on the street. How could one possibly even think about doing that?????