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Marine Maternity – Shane and Zo

My brother Shane and his beautiful wife Zo, are people of the sea. They love the sound of the ocean, the thrill of a wave, the feel of sand between their toes and the ebb and flow of the tides. In a few weeks time they will be having a little mermaid and we are so excited for her arrival!

Guy Buttery – Character Portraits of a soulful musician

Guy Buttery’s music makes me close my eyes and look inward. It’s dreamy, soulful, clean and clever. Watching him play is interesting, as he shuts down and moves into another land … a land where he is seems to be swept away by a creative force. If meditation had a dance, and if that dance had a sound, and if that sound had a playful joyful twist….. then in my opinion, that sound might just be Guy’s music.

Granny Smith and the Cab Ride

My Granny Smith is the type of Granny who always had freshly baked lemon cake when we went to visit. We used to have sleep-overs and she would make us porridge with condensed milk for breakfast. She smelt of Red Door Perfume and often wore a pink sun hat.

Evolve Hair Shoot

I have this dear friend called Drew who owns a salon called Evolve. Drew loves to challenge me to push my boundaries. He always does and I suspect he always will. The shoot that you see here was no different! I am thankful to him for doing so as my life would be dull without him! This was my first ever hair shoot and I learnt so much!

Hong Kong Portrait Shoot – Brendt + Saysana

Brendt and I met in Noosa, Australia way back when the year 2000 was just a young pup. We have hiked in the Himalayan mountains together, survived getting ill in India together, we’ve partied like rockstars in London and lived together in a West Hamsptead apartment reputedly own by George Michael.