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Samana Santa in Ferrol Spain 2016

Whilst I was in Spain I went to visit Clyde Martin in the small town of Ferrol which is in the North West of the country in Galecia. This area isn’t known for it’s tourism but it is known for it’s Semana Santa parades and this year marked the 400th anniversary that these parades have happened there.

The truth is if you arrived in Ferrol not knowing about Semana Santa, you may think you have rocked up on a Harry Potter movie set or even a Klu Klux Clan meeting however this is actually a religious festival. According to Wikipedia “Holy Week in Spain is the annual commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods and fraternities that perform penance processions on the streets of almost every Spanish city and town during the last week of Lent, the week immediately before Easter”

Swell Eco Lodge – A recent trip to the Transkei

My sister and her husband own a guest lodge down in the Transkei called Swell Eco Lodge and we had the pleasure of spending a few days down there recently. The lodge is situated on a hill above the Mdumbi river and unlike much accommodation in the Kei which can be rather basic to say the least, Swell offers clean comfy beds, silky linen, mozzie nets, well equipped kitchens and endless seaviews. They have also started catering if you really couldn’t be bothered to cook.

Here are a few reasons why I think you should visit this part of the world.

Transkei Portraits – Before and After

My sister has a guest lodge called Swell Eco Lodge Wild Coast which is situated in Mdumbi in the Transkei. About 5 years ago I spent some down time there taking portraits of the locals. We went to visit her last week and before we went down I printed out all the pics I had taken so many years before. One afternoon we went on a mission to find all the people in the images and give them their photo.I have included the before and after pics in this series, it quite amazing to see how faces change through the years and how some don’t change at all!

Summer in Sweden

Sweden was never on my top list of places to visit, I tend to favour the more chaotic and colourful countries of Asia when it comes to adventure, but when Brian and Jo asked me to photograph their wedding I jumped at the opportunity to visit. We were fortunate to experience Sweden in the summer and the sun shone brightly for us every day. Sunshine or not, I now know that Sweden should be right up there as a top spot to travel!

Cape Town December 2014/2015 – Through my eyes

Photographers are notorious with being really bad at documenting their own lives and actually getting us to edit and print the images that we have taken of our personal lives is a feat! These pics from our Christmas trip down to Cape Town have been gathering dust on my hard drive for six months now. I decided to adopt an “it’s better late than never” policy and give them a bit of love on the blog.

My sister Lisa and her husband Tyrone moved down to Cape Town some time back and having them live so far away is really hard as I miss them so but it does give me a reason to pop down as often as I can. I do love Cape Town!

Here’s a bit of Cape Town through my eyes!