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Old Mill Drift Clarens Gay Wedding – Drew + Brian

Drew is a romantic who loves fairy tales, unicorns, sunbeams and ponies! He is without a doubt one of the best hair stylists in Durban, if not South Africa, who also has a knack for making women look and feel beautiful! Drew takes his job very seriously, I remember years ago he had a perm done to himself as he wanted to know exactly what it felt like to have frizzy, out of control hair! The perm is now gone and these days he is sporting a pony tale of perfectly conditioned locks that would have wig makers in a frenzy! When he is not combing hair you might find him climbing trees or cooking up a feast. Chances are he will be with Brian!

Since these two rather gorgeous young chaps got together they have been inseparable! As long as I have known Drew he has wanted to be in a relationship with his soul mate. Brian is a chiropractor who rides horses, is fiercely intelligent and very good looking. Brian grounds Drew and loves and respects him for all that he is. Brian is a healer with a kind heart and in Brian Drew found not only a soul mate but a husband!

Rainy Oyster Box Beach Wedding – Carla + Neil

Neil and Carla have a beautiful daughter called Ava. One day Ava wished upon a wishing tree that her parents would get married and on the 8th of April 2018 that dream came true! Despite the threat of gale force winds, torrential rain and a massive Durban storm, Carla’s wish turned to reality and they got married on the beach in Umhlanga. The haededas stuck around for the ceremony but the rain stayed away for just long enough for them to say their I do’s and hug all of their loved ones! After this very lucky beach wedding, they went on to the Oyster Box hotel to celebrate in style and danced the night away in the grand Pearl Room.

Traditional Tamil wedding at the ICC in Durban – Yajna and Preston

I have always loved photographing Hindu weddings, in fact one of my best friends always jokes that I must have been an Indian in my past life because I am so fascinated by the culture! I was with Yajna and Preston on their wedding day from morning to late at night. We started with morning prep as they got into their outfits bought especially in India and photographed everything in between until the night time rituals where Yaj symbolically left her parents home for the last time and joins Preston’s families house. With all the venue changes and driving around there was a general sense of chaos on the day and yet there was also a deep sense of quietude during the actual ceremony. I find myself going into a meditation when I shoot hindu wedding ceremonies. Perhaps it is the music and the incense that allows me to delve completely into the moment or perhaps it’s because they aren’t rushed! I am also always smitten with the colourful saris, the jewels, the mendhi, the decor and the fact that these weddings are so family orientated! Yajna and Preston are both very close to their families and it was a beautiful thing to witness these two becoming one! They have been together since they were in high school and I could just tell that the whole family was delighted that they had finally tied the knot!