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Winter lit lagoon Engagement Shoot – Lisa + Shawn

There is something incredibly magical about the light in Natal in June. As the sun starts heading to it’s hiding place behind the hills in the evening everything in it’s path is bathed in a warm gentle glow. With the sun setting in the west we Durban folk don’t get the spectacular ocean sunsets that Cape Town does. I do however know of a certain lagoon which is painted yellow, orange and then pink as the sun dips.

When Lisa first contacted me about possibly shooting their wedding she asked my opinion about what I thought the best month would be to plan a Natal wedding. I could tell that light was very special to Lisa. I naturally told her that June would be the month I would choose to get married and when she asked me to do their engagement shoot on the beach I naturally chose my special lagoon!

Engagement Shoot Favorites

Things have been so incredibly busy and at times chaotic in my life of late that I haven’t been able to blog as much as usual. I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged any engagement shoots for quite some time. Here are a few of my absolute favorites images from various couple shoots that have happened during all the crazy.

Berea Apartment Engagement Shoot – Sarah + Sharan

Sarah and Sharan are different in many ways and yet they also have many similarities. When it comes to decorating Sarah loves quirky antiques while Sharan loves clean modern lines. Somehow they have managed to merge their differences into something quite eclectic and beautiful.

When choosing their outfits for their engagement I wonder if they were aware of this lovely theme running through their lives. Sarah wore a gorgeous sari very much representative of Sharan’s cultural upbringing with Sharan wearing more western attire. We did their engagement shoot in their very beautiful Morningside flat which was bathed in early morning light.

Umdloti couple shoot – Lauren + Tom

Lauren and Tom celebrated their two year wedding anniversary yesterday. To remember this very special time in their lives they organised a couple session with me. The idea was to do a very sweet and simple shoot on the beach in their home town of Umdloti. Unfortunately the weather had other plans and as we got to the beach a gale force wind started up of epic proportions. I am not afraid of bad weather when it comes to photography but in this case it just wasn’t working so I had to come up with plan B. And my plan B was to look toward the light ……

Enchanted Forest Styled Engagement Shoot – Nicole + Luis

When I first met Nicole and Luis I was struck by just how small Nicole is, and then she told me about growing up near a forrest and I immediately pictured her as a little forrest fairy!

Nicole and Luis wanted to do something special for their engagement shoot and we threw around a few ideas but I just couldn’t shake the idea of photographing them in a forrest. I chatted to my good friend Carolyn McNeil from Adore Weddings and we hatched a plan to create an enchanted dinner table in the Dilinza forrest for them.