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Ode to the wedding ring – My thoughts behind shooting specific detail shots

I have just read the article your wrote about your approach to photographing wedding shoes. I found this rather intriguing, I understand that you use the overall theme of the wedding when photographing details but please can you elaborate on this. Would love to know your thought process behind each shot, even if you just have time to write about one or two. I know I am probably being cheeky asking you to do extra work but I noticed you now have a Q&A section on your blog.

Did you take a ladder with you to get that shot?

I saw your latest blog post (AMAZING) and I’ve just got to ask: did you take a ladder with you on the bridal party shoot? Or were you just lucky enough that there were something for you to stand on?
Sorry, I’m just curious
Again, well done with taking amazing photos every single time. Your work amazes me so much.

Do you ask the bride and groom to set aside a certain amount of time on their wedding day for a creative shoot?

Yes, yes, yes! I am not really a routine or schedule person in my personal life but when it comes to weddings it is really important to plan a schedule so that everyone knows what, where and when. This really prevents a lot of stress. Obviously there are times where things run late and the schedule doesn’t get adhered to, and as a photographer one must just adapt.