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Kubu Island Engagement Shoot in Botswana – Nicole + James

It’s not every day that you receive an email from a potential client asking if you would be prepared to travel to Botswana to photograph an engagement shoot. I could put money down that it’s the first time anyone has ever asked any photographer to do their engagement shoot on Kubu Island in the Makgadigadi Pans. Nicole and James aren’t the type of people to do things in small measures though and are constantly looking for new adventures and experiences. They live in Maun and work as bush pilots, which means their job generally consists of flying tourists to remote destinations off the beaten track. The two of them dream big but aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty to turn their ideas into reality. This engagement shoot was a good example of that! The logistics involved in making it happen would probably have most people discarding the idea because it would be too much of a mission. This shoot involved a good 12 hours of driving through some crazy terrain in 2 4×4’s, packing enough camping equipment for 5 people to spend a night on a rock island covered in ancient baobab trees in the middle of the pans, feeding everyone healthy meals from the fire in a place with no electricity or running water, getting lost in the bundus with nothing but a map and a compass to guide us out, and nearly running out of petrol.

Recent Engagement Shoots

It’s been a while since I have posted an engagement shoot so I thought I would change that today! I love doing engagement shoots as they give me valuable time with my clients that allows me to get to know their personalities and their best sides so that on the wedding day I am prepared to do the best job possible for them. They are also lots of fun!

Proudly Durban Couple Shoot – Tash + Till

Till and Nastasha met up in Pretoria and fell in love during a weekend to Durban, fast forward a couple of years and they found themselves living in this East Coast African city. They love the wide open spaces, the rich colours, the culture and the warmth of Africa but will be moving to Germany next year. Nastasha surprised Till with a couple session for their two year anniversary to remind them of this very special time in their lives. Mook Lion’s colourful mural provided a great backdrop for this proudly Durban colourful shoot, as did all the other street art we found around Morrison Street. We had a lot of fun with these two and I just loved Nastasha’s child-like enthusiasm for fun and games! Happy Anniversary guys!

Winter lit lagoon Engagement Shoot – Lisa + Shawn

There is something incredibly magical about the light in Natal in June. As the sun starts heading to it’s hiding place behind the hills in the evening everything in it’s path is bathed in a warm gentle glow. With the sun setting in the west we Durban folk don’t get the spectacular ocean sunsets that Cape Town does. I do however know of a certain lagoon which is painted yellow, orange and then pink as the sun dips.

When Lisa first contacted me about possibly shooting their wedding she asked my opinion about what I thought the best month would be to plan a Natal wedding. I could tell that light was very special to Lisa. I naturally told her that June would be the month I would choose to get married and when she asked me to do their engagement shoot on the beach I naturally chose my special lagoon!

Engagement Shoot Favorites

Things have been so incredibly busy and at times chaotic in my life of late that I haven’t been able to blog as much as usual. I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged any engagement shoots for quite some time. Here are a few of my absolute favorites images from various couple shoots that have happened during all the crazy.