Joburg Engagement shoot with poodles and a nearly new home – Jenna + Andrew

Whilst dreaming up themes for their engagement shoot, Jenna had a brainwave! She came up with the idea to use their half built house as a location and quickly jumped online to look for engagement shoots of a similar nature. Ironically she found a shoot that I had done, showed it to Andrew and that was that! I try to avoid repeating themes in my engagement shoots but using the shell of their new home as a location was really very significant. After finishing their degrees Jenna and Andrew  traveled all over the world and decided to come home to Joburg to start a life together. This is the first home that Jenna and Andrew have owned together and thus it represents the start of something very special. I love the fact that they spray painted their names and wedding date onto the cement walls – very symbolic!

Their two poodles couldn’t be left out of the action and joined us for some pics too! They are the daintiest little creatures and full of character and I am sure they will also be very happy in their new abode!

Thanks to the both of you for a lovely day. It was really great to meet you both and I am so looking forward to your wedding at the Red Ivory Lodge later this year!