Rainy Evening Engagement Shoot – Shani + Ash

I have been wanting to do an evening shoot after the rain for some time now. I love the way the street lights are reflected in the puddles and the beautiful glow that happens as light is backscattered into the night. I mentioned this to Shani whilst we were chatting about possible themes and locations for their shoot and she loved the idea but they were flying into Durban especially for their engagement shoot so this was not something that we could specifically plan for. As the shoot day drew closer we watched the weather and saw that we might be lucky with a post rain shoot, what we didn’t expect however was torrential downpours and an “armageddonish” storm!

On the day of the shoot the weather report changed from drizzle to storm. Where most photographers would have canceled I thought – Let’s go for it and see what happens. How bad can it really be????? It rained, it blew, it gave us all goosies and drenched us to the bones but we got something out of the ordinary! Sometimes magic happens in adverse situations and enormous challenges! I think this applies to life in general and not just rainy shoots!!!