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Best of South African Hindu Weddings

A while ago a young photographer confided in me that when she gets a wedding enquiry from a person with an obvious Indian name she turns down the wedding immediately by saying she is already booked. I was shocked and my mind jumped to conclusions. Then she told me that she had shot a few Hindu weddings and that these clients wanted mainly posed formal pictures, which she felt wasn’t her style. It is true that there are many Hindu clients that require loads and LOADS of posed pics, in fact I have heard of a wedding where the newly wed couple stood and posed for a photo with each of the 600 guests that attended the wedding! This old school style of wedding photography is not very documentary driven and perhaps not very creative. There are many people who still want that but there are many who don’t!

I absolutely love shooting Hindu weddings and I have been lucky to find some pretty darn awesome clients who have chosen me because my style of shooting resonates with them. They chose me because they wanted me to capture the spirit, atmosphere and emotion of the day. All of them respected the fact that I was not that photographer who was going to take a photo of them with each guest and the fact is that they had hired me to do a different job. My job was to record the way the wedding felt so that in years to come they could be transported back to those moments and relive the day!

I asked my clients to send me a blurb about their favourite wedding photos: Here are the surprising results!

A dear friend of mine recently asked me to photograph his wedding but he asked for “just a few funky portraits after the ceremony” ie just a creative couple session. I was a bit horrified, as to me, wedding photography isn’t just about pretty arty portraits, it is about all the moments in between and I really felt like they would be missing out. I thought about this for ages and then decided to ask my past clients to send me a little blurb about their favourite images. The results were surprising at times but mostly they were really moving. This exercise really made me realise the value of what I do for my clients and I shed many a tear reading people’s stories.

Jax’s top tips for couples who want great wedding pics!

I recently had a meeting with one of my wedding couples and it struck me that I should do a blog post on our discussion so that my other couples, photographers and future clients could also benefit.

Besides choosing a great wedding photographer there are things that you can do yourself to get great wedding pics, or at least help your photographer along the way.

Advice from a Wedding Co Ordinator – Carolyn

I first met Carolyn whilst shooting weddings at Netherwood. She reminds me of a ray of sunshine – Always smiling, always warm! Carolyn has since gone on her own and this is most certainly a blessing for brides who want to work with a wedding co-ordinator who will be as excited about your wedding as you are! Thanks to Carolyn for taking the time to give us some of her expert advice.