Hong Kong Portraits – Saysana + Brendt

We may not live in the same country or even the same continent, we may not have the same accent or the same orientation, but I know that no matter how much time passes between visits, it’s as if not a moment has moved on the clock when I see my two dear friends Saysana and Brendt.

Here is a series of portraits I took of two of my most favourite people on this earth whilst I was in Hong Kong.

Lebanese Wedding Toadbury Hall Johannesburg – Toni + Anthony

When Toni and I first chatted about her wedding photography, words like fun, emotional, unposed, loud and authentic were thrown about. When the big day came, these words couldn’t have been more apt to describe the overall essence and spirit of the day. Toni and Anthony insisted that they didn’t want any pics of themselves standing in a field gazing lovingly into each others eyes, they wanted documentary images which captured the atmosphere of their wedding, the people that are important to them and their love for each other.

Anthony is Lebanese and so alot of the guests flew in from Lebanon especially for the wedding, this meant that there was a lovely merging of two different cultures. It also meant that their big day was one heck of a party! These folk definitely know how to have a good time and that dance floor didn’t stop. In fact the dancing kicked off early in the evening when Toni’s brother surprised them by hiring a well known band called the George to play during dinner. Another notable lovely touch was that instead of giving guests wedding favours that so often land up left behind or in the bin they used this money to donate to cancer research.

Toadbury Hall in Joburg was a great venue for all of this fun and even though it threatened to thunderstorm all afternoon the clouds kept their bounty for the day after their wedding. I am sure the bad weather was welcomed by all of those nursing hangovers in bed!

Rainy Netherwood Wedding – Amanda + Jones

It was a cold and wet November day in the Midlands when Amanda and Chris got married. One would expect a bit of sun in spring, but alas KZN gets all it’s bad weather during this time of year. The mist rolled in, the roads swelled with big muddy puddles and guest arrived armed with umbrellas. This type of weather may have upset a few brides, but the most important thing for Amanda and Chris about their wedding was that they had a big celebration with their loved ones. I was personally blown away by the incredible hospitality shown to us by Amanda, Chris and their families. They are generous, warm people and even though the weather was miserable, the atmosphere was not!

Proudly Durban Couple Shoot – Tash + Till

Till and Nastasha met up in Pretoria and fell in love during a weekend to Durban, fast forward a couple of years and they found themselves living in this East Coast African city. They love the wide open spaces, the rich colours, the culture and the warmth of Africa but will be moving to Germany next year. Nastasha surprised Till with a couple session for their two year anniversary to remind them of this very special time in their lives. Mook Lion’s colourful mural provided a great backdrop for this proudly Durban colourful shoot, as did all the other street art we found around Morrison Street. We had a lot of fun with these two and I just loved Nastasha’s child-like enthusiasm for fun and games! Happy Anniversary guys!

Hong Kong Protests – Occupy Central

Whilst I was in Hong Kong I was fortunate enough to witness a chapter in China’s book that will surely go down in history. I was there during the Hong Kong protests, also known as Occupy Central, where thousands of people shut down the central business district of Hong Kong in order to protest against the Chinese government. I am not a political analyst and speak better in pictures than I do words, but what I will say, is that it was quite something to witness how peaceful the demonstrations were. I am not sure that an African protest would have been quite as calm!