St Fort Clarens Winter Wedding – Kristen + Costa

My sister and I have always been very close, so it figures that I heard alot about her university friend called Kristen Broberg way back when they were both still students. Lisa told me stories about Kristen’s incredible make up skills, her beautiful voice and flawless skin. It’s been many years since these two lived in Tugwell res and there have been many visits and glasses of wine in between. I am sure that none of us would have believed that I would land up photographing Kristen’s wedding if we had to go back in time to those ugly Rondebosch towers!

Kristen and Costa are both creative souls with sensitive hearts and an eye and ear for beauty. I knew that it was totally unlikely that they would have an ordinary wedding and what they created was nothing short of extraordinary! They got married in Clarens in the middle of winter and allowed the season and the vast landscape to guide all of their choices when it came to outfits, food and decor. Winter in Clarens is all about texture, fire places, red wine, blankets and keeping warm and snuggly. It has a beauty like no where else I have been at that time of year with it’s massive maejestic beige mountains and splindly leafless trees riddling the crisp blue chilly sky. It’s a romantic place so it is not surprising that Kristen and Costa chose this town to say their vows in front of their most favorite people as they are enormously affectionate and totally smitten with each other. To watch Costa’s face as she walked down the aisle in her ravinshing Kluk CGDT dress brought a tear to my eye and his admiration for her is only equalled by Kristen’s admiration for him. They walked a long road to that aisle below the trees and this made the wedding that much more special.

North Coast Beach Wedding – Heloise + Owen

Heloise and I sent lots of emails back and forth in the build up to their wedding, and during that process I realized that she is a very creative soul. She is also so modest and humble that nothing really prepared me for how truly talented she is! Can you imagine my delight when I walked into their reception venue and found mermaids on all of the tables? Anyone who loves mermaids as much as I do has to be a kindred spirit. Besides the mermaids, I was truly blown away by the attention to detail! Their wedding was a testimony to just how clever, crafty and prolific this lady is. Heloise did all the flower arranging, hand made most of the décor elements, and sewed her own wedding dress! It would be impossible for a DIY wedding of this sort to come together with the hands of just one person and so I must mention that Heloise was helped hugely by her husband Owen and both sides of the family.

Latest published work

I love seeing my work printed in a magazine and I know my couples enjoy it too! Huge thanks to My Fairy Tale Wedding, The Wedding Album and  Nubian Bride Magazine for featuring these very special weddings.

Rain Farm Bush Lodge Wedding – Lisa + Shawn

In my last blog post I mentioned how Lisa had contacted me to ask my opinion about which month the best month to get married in Natal. I of course mentioned that June is called the champagne month by photographers because of it’s warm sparkly light. A few months later Lisa got back in touch to tell me that Shawn had whisked her off on a surprise visit to Mauritius to get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage, and so the planning for a Rain Farm Game Lodge June wedding had began.

Winter lit lagoon Engagement Shoot – Lisa + Shawn

There is something incredibly magical about the light in Natal in June. As the sun starts heading to it’s hiding place behind the hills in the evening everything in it’s path is bathed in a warm gentle glow. With the sun setting in the west we Durban folk don’t get the spectacular ocean sunsets that Cape Town does. I do however know of a certain lagoon which is painted yellow, orange and then pink as the sun dips.

When Lisa first contacted me about possibly shooting their wedding she asked my opinion about what I thought the best month would be to plan a Natal wedding. I could tell that light was very special to Lisa. I naturally told her that June would be the month I would choose to get married and when she asked me to do their engagement shoot on the beach I naturally chose my special lagoon!