Day of the Dead Barn Wedding – Raj + Parrot AKA Tash + Neil

On the 30th of May 2014 I got up from my comfy bed, slung on my butterfly caftan, packed all my gear into the car and headed to a barn in the middle of no where to photograph a wedding. It’s true that I am known by many as the wedding photographer who sometimes kicks off her shoes, but I can assure you that I don’t ordinarily where caftans or flowers in my hair while on assignnment! But this wasn’t any ordinary wedding! This was the wedding of Raj and Parrot.

Ballito Wedding – Krystal + Andy

I am always amazed by how much I can pick up about a couple from reading into their emails. Right from the very beginning of my correspondence with Krystal, I had a feeling that she was a sensitive and emotional soul like me. My hunch was definitely affirmed during the course of their wedding ceremony as I watched the tears stream down her face!

I speak better in pictures than in words so I hope the above paragraph will make sense to you after seeing the images below! Besides all of the tears there was also alot of laughter, love, fun, games and goofing about and it was very important for Krystal and Andy, that I capture the essence of their day, so I hope I did it justice.

Hindu Wedding at Braeside in Ballito – Candace + Avi

Candace asked me to be her photographer many moons before her wedding but I wasn’t available. A good while later synchronicity waved it’s wand and a whole series of seemingly random events worked together to make the impossible possible, and the next thing you know I was driving to Ballito to capture their special day! I am so very glad for this alignment as I so enjoyed working with Candace, Avi and their families. Besides this very vital human element, we were blessed with beautiful light like a Bollywood movie and so many other visual treats which get photographers excited! I could tell you about the incredible outfits made with rich fabrics and delicious colours, the crystal encrusted arch, the ornate cake or the incredible flowers …. Instead I will leave you to look at the images and see that this wasn’t just a wedding with pretty decor, it was a wedding with soul.

Ode to the wedding ring – My thoughts behind shooting specific detail shots

I have just read the article your wrote about your approach to photographing wedding shoes. I found this rather intriguing, I understand that you use the overall theme of the wedding when photographing details but please can you elaborate on this. Would love to know your thought process behind each shot, even if you just have time to write about one or two. I know I am probably being cheeky asking you to do extra work but I noticed you now have a Q&A section on your blog.

Engagement Shoot Favorites

Things have been so incredibly busy and at times chaotic in my life of late that I haven’t been able to blog as much as usual. I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged any engagement shoots for quite some time. Here are a few of my absolute favorites images from various couple shoots that have happened during all the crazy.