Afrika Burn 2016 with the Fujifilm XT1

Afrika Burn is a yearly festival which is held in the Karoo desert and could be likened to a giant playground for adults. It is a space to dance under the stars, ride around on bikes, dress as your inner diva, give gifts to strangers, look at art and have a ride in a mutant vehicle. It is also a place where the values of every day life are left at the door. There is nothing that can be bought or sold at Afrika Burn other than ice. There are no adverts or expectations … Just a safe space to find yourself, loose yourself and be yourself.

Zimbali Wedding – Courteney + Marcel

Courteney is mad about forests – she loves the lush green of trees and the sound of leaves crunching under foot. She also loves a bit of bling, flowers and a princess dress. Marcel adores everything about Courteney and watching him watching her on their wedding day had my heart skipping at beat! They are a couple who love spending time together and it’s easy to see that their friendship runs deep.

They got married in the greenery of the Zimbali Country Club and danced the night away under a sea of fairy lights. In between all of that there was alot of love, tears and hugging and somewhere near the end there were alot of crazy dance moves. I am pretty sure there were a few people who battled to get out of bed the following day!

Samana Santa in Ferrol Spain 2016

Whilst I was in Spain I went to visit Clyde Martin in the small town of Ferrol which is in the North West of the country in Galecia. This area isn’t known for it’s tourism but it is known for it’s Semana Santa parades and this year marked the 400th anniversary that these parades have happened there.

The truth is if you arrived in Ferrol not knowing about Semana Santa, you may think you have rocked up on a Harry Potter movie set or even a Klu Klux Clan meeting however this is actually a religious festival. According to Wikipedia “Holy Week in Spain is the annual commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods and fraternities that perform penance processions on the streets of almost every Spanish city and town during the last week of Lent, the week immediately before Easter”

Tropical Oyster Box Wedding – Gemma + Calum

Whenever I take on new clients I ask them about what type of photography they are drawn to and Gemma is a girl who understands design. She spoke to me about line, composition and tone, and this is a language I love and understand! There aren’t many people who can explain why they like certain photographs but she is an interior designer and knows exactly what she likes! And she loves clean lines, an editorial look, emotional photos and punchy compositions with strong dynamic lighting. She also absolutely adores her Calum and he adores her!

Misty Wychwood Farm Wedding – Phillipa + Andrew

In one of Phillipa’s very first emails she said “We are so lucky to have Carolyn, her enthusiasm is simply infectious. And we’ve managed to book you as well! I’m sure it can’t all be this easy?! It must mean that it is going to rain on our wedding day!” Well rain it did, but that rain was kind enough to stay away during their ceremony which was held under a grove of trees enveloped in a cloud of mist. This all took place on Wychwood farm, a magical flower farm which grows hydraengas and proteas and is found nestled in the greenery that is Hilton. The flower theme ran throughout the wedding, from the baskets of flowers running down that misty aisle to the gorgeous lace embellishing the bodice of her floaty dress. The only person more mad about flowers at this wedding was the wedding planner and decor consultant, Carolyn McNeil from Adore Weddings, which definitely explains Phillipa’s comment in that email from way back!