Netherwood Michaelhouse Wedding – Carolyn + Chris

I met Carolyn a good few years ago when she was still working as the venue co- coordinator for Netherwood. The first thing that struck me about Carolyn was her radiant warmth and so my assistant and I nicknamed her Sunshine and we became firm friends.

Since then I have seen her grow into a dynamic businesswomen who runs her own wedding planning and décor business. I have also seen her fall in love but mostly I have seen her shine. Carolyn is a gem of a lady and her Chris is a very lucky man to have nabbed her. I must however mention that Chris brings out the best in Carolyn. I have watched this grounded solid man support my friend through thick and thin and I am sure all her friends and family will agree that she smiles even more since this man walked into her life.

Zunguness Wedding – Phaka + Psychology

Phaka and Psychology’s Zunguness wedding was one which would have had most photographers nerves in a frenzy. The guest list was enormous, the ceremony happened at 12pm on a cloudless day and their portrait shoot happened shortly afterward in the most unforgiving light. I was nervous, but I had met up with them a few weeks before to do an engagement shoot and I was so delighted by their personalities that I found an energy in me that lasted from early in the morning until late at night. Phaka is the kind of lady who lights up a room, she has a booming laugh and wonderful sense of humour. Psychology also known as Psycho or Lindani is a true gentleman and although he is always so composed Phaka definitely brings out the fun in him.

Africa Centre Architectural Shoot with East Coast Architects and Raw Studios

When Bartjan Hooft from East Coast Architects contacted me to ask if I would be interested in photographing The Africa Centre in Mtubatuba I initially thought to turn down the job. I mean what on earth do I know about photographing buildings? After meeting with him and hearing that they didn’t want to hire an architectural photographer because they wanted to use someone with an artistic eye and a fresh approach my mind was slightly put at ease. It was however only when I read that they practice social and green architecture and had a good look through their site that I was moved to rise to the challenge. It must be mentioned that my boyfriend Riaan Van Jaarsveldt also had alot to do with the shift as he works in architecture and has a keen interest in the architectural photography, so we decided to do the job together.

Another Fearless Award

When Michelle first asked me to be her wedding photographer she was insistent that she didn’t want any boring bridal portraits. I was a bit nervous at first as to whether I would be able to live up to her expectations but this pushed me to think out of the box. When I got to the venue I spent a bit of time looking around and I noticed a black and white photo of a vulture that was hanging in the room where she got ready. The end result is this photo which I think suits her perfectly! The fact that it won an international award makes it even more special!!