Didima Drakensburg Wedding – Cath + GP

The first time I met GianPiero he was wearing a cookie monster suit in the middle of the desert. This was my first ever Afrika Burn and I took a fond liking to GP as he is known by his friends. He is one of those highly intelligent types with a sharp wit and hilarious sense of humor. He loves deep conversations and ridiculous conversations but most of all he loves his Panda Bear known to most at Cath. Cath has a little girl voice with the sweetest American accent. She cares about humanity and puts other peoples needs’ above her own. She has a kind heart and a beautiful spirit. Cath is a lawyer and I believe she is a good mind match for GP. He says that she is the best person he has ever known and I believe it.

They got married at Didima in the Drakensberg mountains and it was one of the most memorable weddings I have been to. This may have something to do with the fact that I adore these two and most of the guest list but it was also because there was an authenticity to their wedding that was just so them. These two have climbed many an obstacle together and have come through on the other side stronger and this is why the pic of them running down the mountain hand in hand, storm at their backs with smiles on their faces might be one of my all time favorites.

Churchills Civil Ceremony – Nadja + Sandile

Nadja and Sandile are the type of people who I love to photograph. Besides being fun loving, well traveled, interesting humans with ambition and drive they have the best facial expressions! I was so pleased when they chose me to photograph their three wedding ceremonies. Yes you heard that right – They shall be saying ‘I do’ three times and I get to capture all the magic. These pics here are of their legal civil ceremony which happened at Churchills restaurant in Morningside. Next year I will be photographing their traditional white wedding and traditional zulu wedding. After the ceremony we went to take a few fun family portraits and their kids were so well behaved and so much fun!

The Mouse House – Demolition Time – Part Two

I started my First Mouse House Blog with a reference to the fact that “You never know what is around the corner.” This seems to be a bit of a theme for 2016 in Jax land!

In case you didn’t catch that first post, I bought a house and we are now on a huge renovation mission. The plan was for me to document every step of the way but work has taken me away for a large chunk of the proceedings and am currently out of action with my arm in a sling! Yip I fell off my bicycle last week and landed up in hospital with a concussion, a broken clavicle and no recollection of what actually happened! Luckily I had taken some time out of work to deal with the house and the surgery all went well, so besides being an enormous frustration, feeling rather kak with the concussion head and bloody sore in the collar bone area I haven’t been too affected.

On the up side, I recently won the Admired in Africa Wedding Photographer of the year and with this came the incredible prize of a Fjui XT2 which I will definitely be using to take pics of the house! Right now I have been told to rest so …….. Watch this space for new pics.

In the meantime here are some photos of the demolition craziness that has been happening at the mouse house. Most of these were shot by Riaan on his phone.

Canelands KZN Beach Wedding – Litha + Vusi

Litha and Vusi met over ten years ago during their orientation week at University. Litha must have made an enormous impression on Vusi as he told her within an hour of meeting her that he would marry her one day! This doesn’t surprise me though, Litha is the kind of girl that makes an impression on everyone . She has a way of looking at the world through those almond shaped eyes of hers that often had me guessing what she was thinking.

Over the last decade Litha and Vusi have done a lot of thinking together. What started out as a friendship and study partnership turned into a beautiful romance and they have both successfully qualified as doctors! There is a maturity and respect between the two of them that is beyond their years and I am sure this could be attributed to the trauma that comes with studying medicine!

These two both have a passionate need to live life to the fullest and make a difference, and I am sure that they will continue to inspire each other to do great things. I for one am going to be very interested to see where life takes them in this next decade!

Backyard Johannesburg Wedding – Antonella + Ryan

It has been said that couples who play together stay together! The first time I met Antonella and Ryan they were tearing up the dancefloor with wild abandon. Antonella describes herself and Ryan as being opposites. She is short like a smurf (her words not mine) and is a feisty Italian while Ryan is calm, tall and South African with a dash of Scottish. They may have differences but they sure do know how to have fun together and make each other laugh and this is what I love about them.

They got married in a marque in Anto’s parents backyard and their party was off the darned charts! The decor was a pure colour fest, the food was absolutely delicious, there were cocktails on tap and the music rocked. The thing that made this party so wonderful however was the mad, crazy, beautifully fun group of people who all know how to get down and have a good time! I absolutely loved shooting this wedding!