Portugese Oyster Box Wedding – Nicole + Luis

Luis is a details man and likes to make sure that all the small things in life are perfectly in place and well planned. It is therefore not surprising that he found the smallest, most lovely bride to marry! Nicole reminds me of a little elf. She looked slightly horrifed when I told her this, but then I reminded her that the elves in Lord of the Rings are quite different to the green elves with big ears that sit on toadstools in children’s stories! The type of elf that she reminds me of, is one of those gorgeous creatures from a fantasy novel …… Small, big eyed and extremely strong in character!

Their wedding was most certainly like a fairy tale. A handsome groom in a very fancy suit was betrothed to his fairy tale bride in an enormous princess dress in a very old, European styled church with all of their loved ones to witness the commitment. Celebrations then continued to the very lavish Oyster Box Hotel which was bedecked with flowers and bling that was fit for any prince or princess. There was a wonderful sense of community and love which so often comes with Portuguese weddings and I just know that these two will continue to adore each other as much as they did on their wedding day.

Vrede en Lust Cape Town Wedding – Rachelle + Ashley

There are two words which most accurately describe Rachelle and Ashley’s wedding, and they are HOT and FUN. Temperatures were flaring on both the thermometer and the dance floor on the 15th of December at Vrede and Lust wine estate in Franshoek! It was a small wedding mainly attended by Rachelle and Ashley’s close friends who had flown in from all corners of the globe. With such a young hip crowd there was little doubt that it would be a party, but I don’t think anyone was really prepared for the sweltering dry heat that enveloped everyone like a giant hair dryer on full ball! Rachel spent much of the morning retreating into air conditioned rooms with her good friends icing her down with wet cloths. Cape Town summers aren’t for sissies or those straight out of a European winter! But eventually temperatures cooled as the sun dipped over the vineyards and set behind the mountains. And that is when the fun really began!

Cape St Francis Resort Wedding – Chio + Gumby

There are some weddings which are just about impossible to put into words, and Chio and Gumby’s wedding is definitely one of those. I have been going to Cape St Francis on holiday with my family since I was a tiny tot, and this little town has become my soft place to land, and also a place where I have learnt some hard truths, but ulitmately it sits deep in my soul, coated in a plethora of happy memories, milestones and personal growth. Shooting this wedding was quite surreal, as every time I turned my head there was a special person from my past, or smile from someone that I still hold close. The 1st of February touched me deeply, that is for sure!

I have known Chio and Gumby for many years. In fact, it is hard for me to imagine Cape St Francis without Gumby in it, or JBay without the Kraaks! It is a special place, a place with it’s own smell, light and energy. It is no wonder then, that they decided to settle and build their dream family home there. They live nestled amongst the fynbos just a short walk away from some of the best waves that this country has to offer. The lifestyle of Cape St Francis AKA Seal Point, suits these two and their two very gorgeous boys perfectly, as they are both hippies at heart who love the ocean, the earth and nature. You couldn’t meet nicer people ….. their house is always open to friends, and they are the type of folk, that even if years have passed between visits, it’s like no time has passed at all when you see them again.

St Anne’s Guest House Hindu Christian Wedding – Sarah + Sharan

When my mind slips back to Sarah and Sharan’s wedding, it slips into a sensory world of saturated vibrant colours, rich spicy smells and gentle sitar sounds floating through the steamy Durban air. More so it slips into a memory of love that moved through the wedding party like a wave of energy touching everyone that it washed over. Sarah and Sharan’s wedding day wasn’t flashy, it was however filled with light. They weren’t bogged down on wedding day details and yet there were so many heartfelt personal touches. Sarah and Sharan are both doctors and from the outside their love for each other seems gentle and nuturing which all good doctors should be.

They got married at St Anne’s Guest House on the Berea in Durban and had a Hindu ceremony followed by a short Christian ceremony and they seemed to effortlessly blend their two cultures into a rainbow of joy.