Welgemeend Cape Town City Wedding – Anja + Carson

I always ask my clients to tell me a bit about themselves in an email. This is partly because it helps me figure people out and partly because I am a soppy git and love a good love story.
Carson had me in the first paragraph when he wrote: “I fell in love with Anja at first site, but was too shy to ask her out until a year later. It was an excruciating year. We nearly failed our 2nd year of architecture school because we spent too much time running off to the beach or exploring the Cape together when we should have been working. We were and still are soooooo in love 12 years later.”

These two have alot in common. They are both architects, they both went to UCT, they both have a huge appreciation and for beauty, light, art, humanity and their families and they both have mothers with foreign accents. Their biggest similarity in my opinion is the fact that they are both just so darned sweet! Anja and Carson are currently living and working in the States but their love for South Africa and Cape Town runs deep and this is why they chose to get married in the heart of the city.

Their wedding was anything but conventional. They got married at the St Mary’s Cathedral, followed by refreshments at The National Gallery, a walk through Government avenue and then finally a reception at the Welgemeend Manor House in Gardens. Common features of this adventure were beautiful architecture, great mountain views and smiles all round.

Farside Farm New Years Eve Wedding – Natasha + Molefi

“You are shooting a wedding on New Years Eve? Who gets married on New Years?”

I heard that a bunch of times before I packed up my gear and headed to the Midlands to photograph Natasha and Molefi’s big day. Here’s the thing though, we all seem to have such huge expectations around New Years Eve, and going out to celebrate this hyped up night can so often be an expensive let down. A New Years wedding however is a huge party with free food and wine! In Natasha and Molefi’s case it was so much more then that. Natasha and Molefi got engaged on New Years eve and Molefi’s family has a tradition of spending New Years together so this is a very special time for these two. They invited their nearest and their dearest to celebrate their marriage and the turn of the calendar on the 31st December 2015. The words nearest and dearest may evoke the idea of a small intimate affair but both of them have enormous families so it was a humdinger of a party.

Hartford House Wedding – Kylee + Mark

Kylee and Mark have a couple of daschunds names Frank and Bean. They love animals, their families, friends and traveling. Their were no dogs at their wedding but there was a four week old kitten and loads of loved ones who had traveled in from all over the world. When Kylee and I first chatted about their wedding pics she mentioned that she might want some pics with horses and a perhaps a hay stack. Good thing they got married at Hartford House which is on Summerhill stud farm here in Natal and has around 800 horses in the vicinity. Horse and haystack photos solved!

Best of 2015 Weddings

Ever since I decided to become a wedding photographer I have ended the year by doing “a best of my wedding pics of that year” I get a bit emotional every time I get these images together! This year-end exercise reminds me of so many things. It reminds me of what my strengths and weakness are. It is also a way to say goodbye to the previous year and allow the space for improvement. But most importantly it reminds me of how incredibly lucky I am to do a job that I love and how lucky I am to have attracted clients who allow me to do what I do and make a living from this.

Backyard Joburg Wedding – Ashleigh + Frank

A few years ago I photographed Claire and Dale’s wedding at the Oyster Box. It was such a memorable day that I fell a little bit in love with the Gilman family. Claire is one half of the Gilman twins, and although not identical they are pretty darn close!

I was so happy when Claire contacted me to photograph Ashleigh’s wedding and by some twist of fate I was free. I was even more delighted to find out that Drew Christie was also free to do hair and Charelle to do make up. To get 3 wedding service providers all free on a weekend less than 4 months in advance is near impossible and I am convinced there was divine intervention in this case. It was like a big reunion as we all worked together at Claire’s wedding.