Proudly Durban Couple Shoot – Tash + Till

Till and Nastasha met up in Pretoria and fell in love during a weekend to Durban, fast forward a couple of years and they found themselves living in this East Coast African city. They love the wide open spaces, the rich colours, the culture and the warmth of Africa but will be moving to Germany next year. Nastasha surprised Till with a couple session for their two year anniversary to remind them of this very special time in their lives. Mook Lion’s colourful mural provided a great backdrop for this proudly Durban colourful shoot, as did all the other street art we found around Morrison Street. We had a lot of fun with these two and I just loved Nastasha’s child-like enthusiasm for fun and games! Happy Anniversary guys!

Hong Kong Protests – Occupy Central

Whilst I was in Hong Kong I was fortunate enough to witness a chapter in China’s book that will surely go down in history. I was there during the Hong Kong protests, also known as Occupy Central, where thousands of people shut down the central business district of Hong Kong in order to protest against the Chinese government. I am not a political analyst and speak better in pictures than I do words, but what I will say, is that it was quite something to witness how peaceful the demonstrations were. I am not sure that an African protest would have been quite as calm!

Hong Kong 2014

Hong Kong was like a gigantic bitch slap after a gentle seven weeks spent in Bali. Hong Kong is loud, fast and in your face but it’s also fascinating and has an energy all of it’s own. This wasn’t my first visit to this unique city, but it felt like it could have been. I saw Hong Kong with new eyes and I felt it with a different heart. As with every travel experience no two adventures are the same and although my second trip to Hong Kong was just as engaging as the first time it was completely different to my Bali chapter. I am sure you can see this in my pictures!

Bali Family Portrait Shoot – The Down’s

Amy and I first met in the UK when I was just a 22 year old newly graduated fine art student still wet behind the ears. We lived together in a crummy semi-detached house in Kentish town with a bunch of other Antipodeans. In the years that followed we became very close. Aims saw me through various bar jobs, broken hearts and bouts of home sickness. We also danced the night away on numerous London dance-floors, spent time doing yoga in the Himalayas and sailed around the Whitsunday islands. I was there when she first met Brad and we all became a tight knit family during those London days. As with most stories, chapters come to a close, and we went home to our different continents and didn’t see each other for over ten years. In that decade apart we went on different journey’s and walked on different paths but the Down’s remained deeply entrenched in my heart.

Balian Beach – Bali

Balian is a tiny seaside village on the Western side of Bali which is mainly frequented by surfers, yogis and locals (some of whom are also sufers and yogis!). There are no Bintang bars as one would find in Kuta, or overpriced boutiques that you might find in Seminyak. You will however find miles of quiet black sand beaches, coconut groves and rice paddies. It is beautiful and it is quiet, and perhaps it isn’t for everyone but it is certainly for me!