Cathedral Peak Winter Wedding – Nastasha + Till

In the week leading up to Nastasha and Till’s wedding there was a snow warning by the weather folk. The photographer in me started to get excited about the possibility as I have never shot a wedding in the snow, let alone a wedding in the Drakensberg mountains in the snow! Being a South African wedding photographer I am far more used to shooting weddings in 35⁰ temperatures as opposed to zero degrees!

It poured with rain on the day before their wedding and it poured with rain on the morning of their wedding. The temperature dropped to zero degrees. It was literally freezing. The clouds were grey and ominous covering any hint of a mountain let alone a snow-covered mountain. I was beginning to feel rather sad for Nastasha and Till as they had chosen to get married at The Cathedral Peak hotel in the Drakensberg because the natural beauty of these spectacular mountains is held dear by both of them.. Till is German and many of his guests had flown out from Europe the idea being to show them how beautiful South Africa is. The Germans have seen enough wintery, wet skies and yet in the hours leading up to their wedding all one could see out the window were big grey stubborn clouds. Miraculously this all changed once the ceremony was underway as the clouds slowly parted to unveil majestic white peaks, a beautiful sight to behold! We didn’t get to play in the actual snow as it was miles away but it was such a blessing to be in this magical place at such a special time.

Best of South African Hindu Weddings

A while ago a young photographer confided in me that when she gets a wedding enquiry from a person with an obvious Indian name she turns down the wedding immediately by saying she is already booked. I was shocked and my mind jumped to conclusions. Then she told me that she had shot a few Hindu weddings and that these clients wanted mainly posed formal pictures, which she felt wasn’t her style. It is true that there are many Hindu clients that require loads and LOADS of posed pics, in fact I have heard of a wedding where the newly wed couple stood and posed for a photo with each of the 600 guests that attended the wedding! This old school style of wedding photography is not very documentary driven and perhaps not very creative. There are many people who still want that but there are many who don’t!

I absolutely love shooting Hindu weddings and I have been lucky to find some pretty darn awesome clients who have chosen me because my style of shooting resonates with them. They chose me because they wanted me to capture the spirit, atmosphere and emotion of the day. All of them respected the fact that I was not that photographer who was going to take a photo of them with each guest and the fact is that they had hired me to do a different job. My job was to record the way the wedding felt so that in years to come they could be transported back to those moments and relive the day!

Afrika Burn 2017

2017 was the year that saw us travel to the Karoo for our fourth Afrika Burn and it is also the year that I turned 40 years old!

I am going to be straight up with you here …… I had a rather tough Afrika Burn experience this year as I just wasn’t feeling myself and this culminated into what felt like one of the worst times of my life! Yip I got the dreaded noro virus which did its rounds at Afrika Burn this year. Being in the middle of the desert without running water is not a place to get so violently ill. Climbing out of a roof top tent and crawling to the nearest porta loo in the middle of the night on many many occasions was not fun. I won’t speak too much about the state of the porta loos other than the fact that I wasn’t the only one who was sick at the time! But I survived and in between the not so nice bits I found magic.

Here is a tiny glimpse into that magic!

Madikwe Safari Lodge Elopement – Jessica + Martin

I have never met anyone quite like Jessica. She reminds me of a movie starlet from a bygone era. She has huge sparkling eyes and an enormous vocabulary. Jessica is a writer and an explorer with a quest to suck the marrow out of this life and live every second fully. Her soul mate Martin is a man who has style and equalled passion. These two were never going to have an ordinary wedding, in fact nothing but extraordinary would do!

They flew from Canada to South Africa to elope at Madikwe Safari lodge and then set off on a two month adventure around Africa.

Namibian Windhoek Wedding – Amore and Schalk

It is always such an enormous honour when a client is willing to fly me across borders to capture the memories of their wedding. Amore and Schalk are a couple who are incredibly close to their families and so it was important for them to have all the moments of their wedding documented and that’s why they got hold of me! My favourite thing about shooting weddings is photographing people. I love watching grannies hugging their grandkids, I love seeing the kids doing things that only kids do, I love watching the grooms face as he sees his bride for the first time and I love seeing the look in parents eyes as they witness a huge milestone in their babies lives. Weddings are about so much more than decor and dresses to me, they are about human interaction, love and hope.

Amore and Schalk got married in Windhoek, Namibia and celebrated at the Safari Lodge Hotel. It was our first visit to Windhoek and I learnt that the Namibians love a party! I was also struck by how friendly, hospitable and generous all those involved were. These are salt of the earth folk with big hearts and big dance moves!