Top 100 Wedding photographers in the world – 2018

I decided to seriously consider myself a wedding photographer in 2010. I had shot weddings before but certainly didn’t consider myself to be a specialist in the field. I was mostly working as an artist and fumbling around before that. When I realized that weddings could offer me the potential to be shoot in a creative and also documentary style whilst watching people I decided to study the best in the world and really look at the way the top international guys approached things. The other day I found out that I have been included in @nicholaspurcellstudio @schoolofweddingphotography Top 100 weddings photographers in the world of 2018 list. What an honor to be listed with some of these talented movers and shakers and receive this big accolade. This wasn’t a competition or something I paid for. I have no idea how they even found me but it’s certainly a welcomed acknowledgement of all the hard work and care I have put into my clients over the past 8 years. Thank you for the inclusion! But mostly thanks to all the people who have trusted my vision. Xxx


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