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Winter Light Family Photos

People seem to have this idea that winter is not a great time for family portraits!

I totally disagree because I work with light, and the light in winter is just all sorts of magical.

Throw in a gorgeous farm with miniature horses and you have me all tingly!

These pictures were all taken on my friend’s small holding which is in Joburg if you can believe it!? It’s the most glorious place for family shoots as the kids are guaranteed of having a great time, the light is pretty in the evenings (unless the weather is bad) and it is safe.


The bad news is that this friend is going to be moving to Cape Town and will therefore be selling the property so I wont be able to do too many more shoots there.

I am coming up to Jozi at the end of July to speak at the Photo and Video Experience Expo and I am going to open up my diary for 3 portrait sessions in this beautiful location.

So if you are keen do get in touch soon. Please also share if you know someone who needs to update their photos.

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