Yoga Branding Shoot in Bali – Sharni Quinn

Have you ever met someone and known that you will be friends in an instant? When I met Sharni Quinn for the first time it was like we had known each other for eons, past lives even! Sharni and I first connected at the Barefoot Luxe Retreat which is a business womens retreat run by Chanelle Segerius Bruce. I had been invited to speak at the Fearless Photographers Conference in Germany a couple of months after the retreat and was deciding whether to stay on in Europe for a week, or go to Bali and have a proper break. Sharni was literally about to move to Bali and so I asked her advice. Her answer was “Choose Bali – Always choose Bali!”

From that moment on we became great friends!

Sharni is a yoga instructor, an author, a teacher, a coach and an entrepreneur. She has a laugh which lights up a room and a spirit which is as free as a bird. Her mission in life is to help women find their bliss which she does via her 1:1 and online coaching If you are lucky enough to attend a yoga class with her I’m sure you will remember it for a long time to come! She doesn’t just teach asanas, she teaches you how to connect with your heart and higher self.

We have a lot in common, we both love beautiful things, meditation, yoga, beaches, swimming, and a good dance. Sharni has an adventurous spirit like me, and also has the tendency to push herself to the max which resulted in her going through burn out just like I did. Both of us have started businesses from scratch, traveled the world, and are on a mission to grow, learn and help other people find their truth. We just get each other! This made her the perfect travel companion and I can safely say that she was like an angel on my trip! We whizzed around on scooters, saluted the sun at the Yoga Barn, swam under waterfalls, ate all delicious vegan food, got massages, read our angel cards, drank bintangs on the beach and danced in circles in Ubudia. It was a very special time and one that will sit fuzzily in my heart till the end of my days!

I gifted her with a personal branding shoot for her business and so whilst I was with her in Bali she was my muse! We wanted these images to be bright and sunny just like her. We took these photos in Ubud, Nusa Lembongaan, Ceningan island and Nusa Penida and it was a great exercise for me to remember how to work simply. I had to use minimal gear as our transport was a scooter which meant no external lighting and no assistant! It was a challenge but it also made me fall in love with photography all over again!.

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