Best of Afrika Burn 2014-2017

This time last year I was frantically trying to finish up work in between burning myself with a glue gun in an effort to make flower crowns and party clothes! Yip its that time just before Afrika Burn again, except this year we aren’t going! In case you don’t know what Afrika Burn is, it is an arts and music festival that happens once a year in the Tankwa National Park in the Karoo. We did four years in a row and decided to take a break this year but now that the time is nearing there is a tinge of FOMO setting in. I will miss dancing in the desert, donning sequence in the dust and flitting around on my bike while bedecked with a mermaid crown. There is a surprise around every corner at Afrika Burn and so many interesting people to meet. It is a place for artists, dreamers, dancers and givers; a giant playground for adults and a treat for the eyes. Afrika Burn is well and truly a photographers paradise and a delight for the inner child! Just have a look through these photos and you will see a land unlike any other! Here’s my Best of Afrika Burn pics 2014-2017.

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