Cathedral Peak Wedding – Carolyn + Paul

Carolyn and Paul were way too busy in their twenties for marriage and children which meant that when they decided it was time to settle down they did what so many other 30 somethings do these days, they went online to find a match! These two are highly skilled professionals who have lived full lives, studied intensely, traveled widely and worked hard. They are both extremely bright and yet have the ability to make people at ease, they love adventure, fine wine, good food and time spent with loved ones. They wanted their wedding to be about what is important to them, connection, love, family and friendship. Most of all they wanted their guest to have an experience and enjoy their company for a whole weekend instead of just a few hours and so they chose the Cathedral Peak Hotel as their wedding venue. Every single guest traveled to be with them, in fact 121936 kms was travelled from 7 different countries. This is something Paul worked out not me! Way too many numbers there for my arty brain!

Cathedral Peak Hotel is nestled in the Drakensberg mountains of Kwa Zulu Natal. It the type of place where you could while your afternoon away with a good book and a cup of tea or go on an adventure up the side of the majestic mountains. It feels a bit like a home away from home with views for days and proved to be the perfect venue for these two to say their I do’s. So far as their wedding pics went, Paul loves the more fun, cheeky side of my work while Carolyn loves the arty ones which show off the views. I hope I managed to do a bit of both. What I so loved about this wedding were all the heart felt emotive moments! Those are always my favourite to capture.

Carolyn and Paul it truly was such a pleasure to work with you both! Thank you for trudging down the river and dancing on muddy roads with me. It was an adventure and I wish you all the best for your journey ahead!!!

And now for a few words and the credits from the bride

We had such fun on our wedding day! It really was a celebration with both friends and family from all around the world (Paul worked this out – 121936 kms travelled from 7 different countries!). We were truly blessed to have such an amazing “tribe” of people celebrate our wedding with us!

Venue: Cathedral Peak Hotel Cathedral Peak Hotel – Incredible Accommodation in the Drakensberg

Decor and Flowers: Drakensburg Decor and Draping 

Hair and Makeup: Sioux Salon Hair and Makeup in Winterton 036 488 1047

Brides Dress: Marty by Maggie Sottero bought from Villa Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Suit: Henry’s collection

Cake: Melissa Van De Vyver – Mel’s creations¬†

Music: Cecil Fourie from Executive DJs Durban’s Finest Wedding DJ’s

Priest: Malcolm Hacksley

Bell Ringers – Jeff and Alice who run Otters Den self catering cottages in the Midlands.

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  1. Paul on November 27, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    There really aren’t words to describe this journey…

    People will relate to the day, the prep, the service and of course the ceremony. But we were “instructed” that Jackie would be integral in our wedding (an incredible gift from a dear friend). How little did we know, that this would be our best accidental decision…

    The moments captured, the emotions, the stories – Jax, brought her own artistic flair and creativity to the day. As we sit here, a month later, the stories she told through the lense, brought up emotions we thought couldn’t be captured so purely, so honestly…

    There are no words, yet we try – but thankfully we get to record boundless words, feelings and stories in each image…

    Jax you have a divine gift, for feelings, for love and joy, for laughter and a cheeky grin, for honesty and for pureness…

    Thank you
    Paul & Carol

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