Cavalli Cape Town Wedding – Tam + Bear

When it comes down to it, my reason for photographing weddings is that I love photographing love. Tam and Roberta have been in love for eight years and so it is safe to say that this is no passing phase and that their connection is a deep one. These two gorgeous women adore, respect and admire each other. They’ve fought many a battle to be together and yet their relationship has remained unwavered and intact, and now forged in marriage.

They got married at the spectacular Cavalli Wine and Stud Estate on a windy summers day in Cape Town surrounded by friends and family who’d travelled from far and wide to be with them. Marius created an incredible five star experience for all the guests. The attention to detail was polished to a sheen as one can expect from a wedding planner of this echelon. From the beautiful personalised décor to the delicious food it was a first class event that was alive with soul. These girls are loved and cherished by their friends and family and this love was truly tangible on their wedding day.

To capture human emotion, connection and joy in an image that can be appreciated for generations to come is a special thing, and when I photograph weddings I am always searching for those real moments that will evoke a feeling in the viewer. There was a lot for me to capture on Tam and Bear’s wedding day and I am so very grateful they chose me to photograph this very special day.

Thank you ladies for treating us like part of the family. Thanks for picking me and thanks for being you!

I would like to start by thank the amazing Linda Vos who so graciously came to help me photograph the decor and second angles during the ceremony. What a champ you are Linda. I so appreciate your help and gorgeous images.

Next up ….. A few words from the brides and the credits

We didn’t know where we wanted to get married- we just knew that we did! We also knew that we wanted 3 isles and we would unite down the middle. Marius advised a few places in Stellenbosch and when we saw Cavalli we just knew it was the place. The art gallery and the amazing fine dining was a pair that was just like us.

Bear found her wedding dress at the first shop we went to and I finally decided on mine after the first 40 dresses I tried on. We really battled to keep our dresses a secret but managed right till the end (probably the only secret we ever kept), when bear turned to look and me and I saw her for the first tim my heart stopped. How incredible that we both chose to be princesses and matched perfectly ️

Our favorite part was our ceremony and being showered in petals, it felt like the most magical thing in the world! Seeing the kids having such fun dancing was incredible, followed by my dad’s speech was just so heartfelt and perfect. Making us both feel so special. Our father and daughter dances were wow. A song that my daddy and I danced to when I was little. And then Roberta- the song that was playing on the radio when her parents were on their way to the hospital, and decided to name her after that. And her father making it to walk her down the isle and dance with her in his last two weeks of radiation was just priceless.

Having 100 of our friends and family travel to Cape Town for us, watching them have such a good time and all tell us how much they loved us was surreal. We feel so lucky to be so supported and loved.

The rest of the day went way too fast and before we knew it was time to go. However coming from a family of party animals that wasn’t about to just end and we landed up sitting outside until 4 in the morning, Frank and Ty even landed up in the dam. I was close behind but got told I would drown in my dress  . Then our friends arranged a limo and we finally went home after making them wait for 2 hours

It was just a perfect day and a perfect way to start our life together ️

Photographer- the amazing Jax ! Who is not only a creative genius but just an awesome human who I am so glad I got to meet!

Second Shooter: Linda Vos, Charne Wesner

Venue and food : Cavalli

Wedding planner :

Officiant: Patrick Bouchant

Hair: Sonja Smith , Pincurl hair studio.

Make Up : Kendall Aberdeen @veiledmakeup

Bridal Dress:

Tamaryn – Pronovias

Roberta – eurobride fourways

Bridesmaids –


Music: Godfrey and Nash (Simply For) , we met them at Suncity and just had to have them share our day, there are phenomenal. So we brought them down.

Canape Music:

DJ : King Louis

Cake, Dessert Table, Cheese Tower: Wades Cakes


Lighting Sound:



Videographer : Bradyn Hopking – free lance videographer

The Flower girl dresses: were designed and made by my mom Lauren Ried , we had the material printed to match the wedding  she taught herself how to sew and made me clothes from when I was a baby. she has always made my dance costumes and dresses and is just the most amazing person on earth.


  1. Claudette van Schalkwyk on December 31, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Amazing wedding. So much fun

  2. Lizzy on January 4, 2019 at 7:58 am

    Mr Bean is back!

  3. Marelize Van Der Knaap on January 14, 2019 at 9:19 am

    Amazing photos, seems like the wind is excited too.

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