Cleopatra Mountain Lodge Drakensberg Wedding – Nola + Wessel

Nola is a gentle soul who isn’t fond of being the center of attention. She is however very fond of her family, her friends and her Wessel. Instead of having a huge wedding they opted for an intimate weekend wedding where they spoilt their chosen guests to incredible scenery, delicious food and sumptuous wines. Their wedding was an experience and was held at Cleopatra Mountain Lodge – hailed as being the ultimate gourmet getaway.  The food was truly out of this world, the music was sublime, the speeches were moving, the bride was exquisite and everyone smiled, laughed and beamed. It was a magical!

I just loved Nola’s gorgeous silver dress, more than that I loved they way Wessel looked at her in her gorgeous dress.

We will never forget that five course meal and your warm generosity. Thanks so much for picking me! Thanks also to Amanda and Gavin from Plan A Event and Wedding Management for all of your help.

And now a few words from the bride herself …….

Most brides in imparting their wisdom about weddings, will tell you that the day goes so fast, that there are so many things that go wrong on the day and that in hindsight you would change a lot about your wedding day. This is truly not the case for us. We planned the event so that we spent three days with all our guests that traveled from afar so we did absorb each precious moment. Nothing went wrong on the day, except perhaps that the fortune cookies were soggy but that did not warrant even a frown, never mind a tear. We would not change anything about the day. Yes I had to suck it up and deal with photographs (which are not my favorite thing) but the photographs are going to be great, will make me look like Angelina Jolie (hey Jacki?) and will be a great record for our kids. So I would do them again. We chose to only have our very close family there which made the day intimate, very warm and so filled with love that we could not possibly begin to explain the ambiance. A few weeks later we had a cocktail party, with a shooter cake J, around our pool with all our friends and associates. Wessel’s uncle, whom we adore, married us which added something special to the ceremony. The venue was just right for us.  A little quirky, exceptional food and great service. We loved that all the kids were around and one of my favorite memories are of them all causing havoc at breakfast the following morning in the dining hall. That contagious laughter is just the best. The highlight of the day was definitely Wessel’s face as he saw me for the first time. After ten years of being together, two kids and a lifetime of memories, it is quite something to see that you can still elicit such a positive effect on your partner.

I think that the reason the day worked so well for us was that we paid a lot of attention to creating the right atmosphere. Every details we planned was geared towards a very particular mood. It definitely also helped that I relaxed and remained very calm on the day (champagne breakfast highly recommended). Nothing would have been memorable without the best bridesmaids in the world, an awesome planner, service providers that I truly liked, supportive family and in laws plus of course the perfect weather on the day.

So far married life is working for us and I highly recommend, once you are old enough to comprehend whether your prince is truly a prince or still a toad, saying “I do”.

Venue: Cleopatra Mountain Lodge 033 267 7013We love the farmhouse with it’s exceptional food

Wedding Co-ordination: Amanda Azor 082 841 75 08Working with someone who understands your vision without having to explain everything ten times was superb. Amanda is so easy to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed planning this even with her
Hair and Make Up: Make up your mind 031 2019
These ladies were so very nice. It’s so important to have wonderful people in your space in the morning of your wedding

Brides shoes: Painted by the bride

Decor/Flowers at the Venue: Sharon and Rummy 083 631 1397
These two women were truly amazing. They created a story for each table, completely carried my vision through in the flowers and were such a pleasure to work with that I wanted to invite them for dinner.

Brides dress Katherine 084 606 2711
Katherine is a miracle worker. From a vague idea in my head she managed to create THE dress. The attention to detail and perfectionism with which she works is incredible. Again, I just like her!

Groom Suit: Lord Louis 031 305 1925

Wedding Decor: Bride and Amanda

Music: Athena 083 550 0643
Athena and her musicians were marvelous, played exceptionally well, gave good advice about the music and were a pleasure to have a the ceremony. We asked them to join us again at our cocktail party. They definitely added to the atmosphere.

Videographer: Brand New Day  082 3976 121
Dave was superb to work with and just blended into the background, just as I asked.


  1. Amanda Azor on June 20, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    The photos are absolutely beautiful, they perfectly reflect the day, and I am sure Nola is over the moon with them. It was great to finally get to work with you. Congrats on your new website, I know it has been an uphill road for you. It looks fantastic!

  2. Tricia on June 21, 2013 at 8:21 am

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day. The bride’s dress is gorgeous!

  3. Tricia on June 22, 2013 at 6:56 am

    I have just had another look at these photos and noticed the one of the bride’s hand with her beautiful ring and the tiny little lady bug! Jacki, you are so clever at capturing the tiniest of details!

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