Crystal Barn Boho Wedding – Tam and Eric

Tam and Eric have a beautiful story and I love a good love story!

Tam left South Africa with a ticket bound for Hong Kong and infused with wanderlust and a mission for adventure. Being an avid coffee drinker she wandered into the Starbucks downstairs from the apartment she was staying in not realising that her life was about to change forever! On that day she met Eric who was between jobs and working as a barista in said coffee shop. Fast forward a few months and they found themselves falling in love while chatting till dawn wondering the sparkly streets of Hong Kong. Close to seven years later they got married in a devotional ceremony in a forest at Crystal Barn in the KZN midlands.

Tam and Eric may have many differences but they also have so many similarities. The most notable for me are that they are both their own people who live life to their own beat. These are my favourite types of clients and I am sure that you can tell that I so enjoyed making these pics for them.

Tam and Eric thank you so very much for trusting me with these precious memories! I so loved getting to know you both and hope I get to come visit you in Hong Kong one day!!!

And now for the credits and a few words from the bride

Venue: Crystal Barn Country Estate We never wanted or intended having a ‘full on’ wedding. Eric wanted to elope in Japan but I’m a bit of a family girl so for me the idea of not having my close friends and family there, devastated me. I always envisioned  something light and simple – like a morning tea.


We found out about Crystal Barn quite accidentally while holidaying in Umdloti last July. I began googling venues and came across Emily Moon (Plett). It’s a warm rustic venue with a mix of African, Scandi and Moroccan vibes. My parents live in Jeffrey’s Bay, so it kinda made sense and seemed doable. I fell in love with the venue on Thursday night, messaged a good friend about it on Friday. She happened to be on a shoot and showed the photographer, who was reminded of Crystal Barn. I contacted Kate (from Crystal Barn) on the Saturday, drove up to the midlands on Sunday and then left South Africa on Monday. WHAM BAM! We were ruined – it was perfect! Crystal Barn only had one day available and it happened to be the only day that we had available so it was a done deal. Charge it please, thank you very much. That day, the big dinner and dancing wedding we always swore We’d never have, went out of the window. Death by blue doors, mismatched chandeliers and pine trees.

Second Shooter/ Assistant: Liz Donnell and Charne Wesner

Wedding planner: The bride (#elope)

On the day co-ordination: The incredible Carolyn Hall at Adore Weddings & Events I read so many articles that newlyweds had written while reflecting on their day, and co-ordination seemed to come through as the most neglected area but the most valuable. I was so burnt out by the time the big day arrived, I was only too glad to give control over to Carolyn and let her work her magic so that I could be present and enjoy every moment.

Decor Hire:  Natural Nostalgia  and Labola Decor & Hire

Flowers: Carolyn Hall at Adore Weddings Carolyn is a flower goddess / genius with most beautiful free spirit. She lavishes everything around her with love and light. Eric has been referring to her as ‘Poison Ivy’ since meeting her in December. I’m not big on flowers but I wanted something indigenous and leafy, deconstructed and natural. I grew up on a farm picking wild flowers and leaves and finding old bottles as vases to put them in to decorate my forts. I also loved the raw wooden tables so I didn’t want to cover them with too much stuff. Eric and I love bronze – he has bronze wheels on his Japanese street racing car – so he was very happy about that detail.

Hair: Alana at Kiss & Make Up

Make up: Alana at Kiss & Make Up Alana is such a sweet girl to work with. I loved that her make-up is very natural.

Brides Dress: Rania Hatoum

Brides Socks: Tutu Anna Japan I think Japan makes the best socks in the world ️

Brides shoes: Betty Page Shoes by Ellie at Top Vintage

Earings: (strange things those earrings were)

Bridesmaids dresses: I went for mismatched florals because I strongly dislike the matching dress thing. I am captivated by finding the balance between collective bussyness and the calm it creates in my mind. I chose floral prints because real flowers remind me of death (don’t tell Carolyn – she’ll be devastated!) so I wanted a way of bringing colour in, without me thinking ‘we all just gonna die’ the whole day. I also chose bold prints because my bridesmaids are all very strong woman. They are all so different too – body shape, height, temperament. So I felt the fabric was perfect for each of them as strong mismatched individuals.

I sourced the fabric in Hong Kong – but the dresses were all made separately. Kathrin Kidger made Carmen’s beautiful green dress because they are friends. I went with Angela to a little Chinese lady in Hong Kong to make hers and I’m not sure who made the others.

Groom’s Suit: Pants by Cotton On, shirt by Zara, braces by ASOS

Cake: Candice at So Whipped I’ve known Candice for many years and I also took her wedding photos – I’ve watched her grow her business and I’m so proud of the wife, sassy business woman and mom that she has become. The cake was beautiful and absolutely delicious. Her boys lit up the dance floor and are full time entertainment.

Music: Grant Boonzaier at Sounds Unique I literally had a nightmare that it was the wedding day and I’d forgotten to find a DJ. I was trying to do the whole wedding on my cellphone. I eventually couldn’t take it and gatecrashed another wedding. There was a Metro FM DJ playing house and I stopped the reception to ask if anyone knew a DJ for me. This gorgeous girl with big red lips, a lush Afro and a yellow dress looked at me and said she didn’t know anyone. I panicked and woke up. The next day I did a Google search and found Grant. I liked that he didn’t wear a giant red bow tie. He kept the day’s tunes on point.

Videographer: Lauren Oliver at Oliver’s Twist Lauren and her team are so talented – can’t wait to see the video. I love the way she includes nature into her videos. It’s like she triggers mindfulness by transporting you back to quiet moments that you probably didn’t have time to appreciate at the time.

Priest: Ant Redman and his wife Lesley are just incredible. I knew them before moving to Hong Kong and they have helped bring freedom and grace into my life through their authenticity and humility.

Catering: Crystal Barn

Tattoo: Ross Turpin at Star Crossed Tattoo I’ve known Ross and his wife Jenna from those way back Durban days. While he was tattooing Eric, I found out that we went to the same convent primary school in Vryheid. Small world.

Lanterns and fans: one of my Hong Kong bridesmaids couldn’t make it to the wedding so she bought me the most beautiful lanterns so I would feel her presence there none the less.

Wedding favours:


  1. Sarah G on March 21, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Such a lush photo shoot of what looks like an absolutely beautiful day. So many wonderful moments captured in a perfect setting. I teared up looking at the images. Eric and Tam you are such a gorgeous couple. All my love and congrats to you both.

  2. Tamarin on March 21, 2018 at 11:30 am

    Thank you for capturing our incredible memories, Jax. We look forward to sharing them with the generations to come.
    As a photographer myself, I am greatly inspired by your passion and fearlessness pursuit in capturing the essence of people’s hearts. You read the unspoken and your art is meticulously constructed with technical prowess. Pure magic. We would love to see you Hong Kong. Our home is always open to you. It’s been such a joy and pleasure getting to know you and having you be such an integral part of our day.

  3. Les Redman. on March 21, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Fantastic wedding, outstanding photos.
    Such a memorable wedding, the photography captures and motivates all those memories all over again. Wonderful.
    Just loved it, thanks.

  4. Nicky Weir on March 21, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    Breathe taking!! The photos capture an incredible story of love and faith – each photo so true to the characters of the story. Tamarin and Eric may your future together, your new family, be as bright and gorgeous as these photos!

  5. Sandra F on March 21, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Stunning photos of a beautiful day! The array of colors makes for stunning photographs.

  6. Karen Jessop on March 24, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Wow, so many beautiful colours, such incredible memories! What a cherished day it was, we loved how untypical this wedding was whiles still holding true all the things that matter most, true love and romance, faith, friendships and family!!! Just the most beautiful day, “许多快乐的祝福年” Dearest Eric and Tam xxxx

  7. Kate Thornton-Dibb on March 24, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    A truly magical Wedding…a story of transcendent love…my girls & I are so deeply grateful to have shared your covenant love story Eric & Tam…Tama-tree our Beau-DA-FUL Tam…you forever touched our lives with a creative touch that still adorns our home. These photo’s capture the visual sensory overload of an exceptionally artistic soul to another artistic soul…Breathtakingly BeaUtiFul. Well done Jacki & team for capturing Eric & Tam’s commitment of forever love so powerfully yet so sensitively.

  8. Tricia on March 26, 2018 at 8:43 am

    I love this exuberant, colourful, beautiful wedding!

  9. Ruth Smith on March 26, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Stunning pics to record an absolutely stunning day!! We were blessed to be a part of it. Thank u Tam and Eric!!

  10. Ruth Smith on March 26, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    Wow!! Incredibly beautiful photos to record an absolutely stunning day with some very special friends!! We were blessed to be a part of it. Thank u Tam and Eric!!

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