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Fordoun Hindu Wedding – Bhav + Ushir

I’ve always known that when I have a connection with people, I’m able to produce better images, and so I always ask people to tell me about themselves before I take on any shoot. Bhav took this to a whole new level and said “Let’s go for dinner so we can chat properly” Over that dinner we discovered that we have a few similarities all being travel loving vegetarians but what I enjoyed most, was listening to their stories and delighting in the tales of their trips all over the world. I was so excited to photograph their wedding because the three of us just clicked!

And then the unthinkable happened. Bhav came back to me and said that she didn’t think it was going to work out due to family negotiations. And then she came back and said “Nope its on again”! And then it was off again and then it was on again! I think we had around five months of backwards and forwards. Somehow I knew that I would be there to shoot this wedding and I am so glad that I did because I really do adore these two!

Hindu weddings are always an incredible experience for me as I relish in the colour, the ritual, the family love and the music. This wedding was an extravaganza lasting 4 days most of it taking place at Fordoun in the Midlands! You need to be fit for this type of wedding photography but luckily I had just come back from a month of yoga in Bali so it was game on for me!

Bhav and Ushir thank you so much for sticking to your guns and for picking me! I have so loved working with you guys

And now for the credits and a few words from the bride

As most couples don’t divulge upon planning a wedding, is the countless arguments and difference of opinions that are had. If there was one argument that I was going to win and not back down on, was having South Africa’s very own “Annie Leibovitz” take our wedding pictures. I fought to the death on this and what an amazing win it has been. If there is one thing you take away from experiencing the best day of the rest of your life is investing in a person with an incredible eye to capture moments that you wouldn’t even think off.

Jax so is a wonderful spirit to be around. Being a hungry bride, I remember Jacki walking into my room at 7am whilst I was getting ready for the day, handing me a toasted cheese sandwich and an apple and saying “you my girl are not a happy person hungry. EAT”. I think Ushir is very glad to her for that and possibly secretly high-fived for it. This simple gesture, shows that in the small space of time that she spends with you, she learns a lot about you. She will forever be in our life as she has captured the first day of the rest of our life.

Venue – Mehndi:                         Fairmont Zimbali Resort  

Venue Hurdee and Wedding : Fordoun Hotel and Spa

Decor:                                   Koogan, Sabash and Kai Pillay of KP Set Design  Jayshree Harie of Eastern Elegance Event Decorators 031 262 0353

Flowers:                               Sam of Midlands Style Events

Hair & Makeup:                Kendyl Mcpherson of Nixon Makeup

Brides Dresses:                 Sabyasachi Designs Calcutta

Brides shoes:                     Jimmy Choo

Jutti Choo, Punjab, India

Brides Jewellery:              her own

Bridesmaids dresses:      Brides Design

Sweet treats:                     Sushi Bhagwandeen of Vivah Trousseaux 082 443 3210

Groom’s Salwar:               Anita Dongre, Mumbai

Groom’s Suit:                     Frank Bespoke, Parkhurst

Groom’s Mendhi:            Benzer, Mumbai

Groom’s Cocktail:             Ragavendra Rathore

Caterers:                             Mumbai Meals, Durban 031 207 5786

Caterers: Niru’s Foods, Durban 031 262 7518

Caterers: CHC Catering

Music:                                   Subash of Sound Factor 071 873 4235

Videographer:                   Schmovie Films

Coffee cart:                        Ryan at the Barn Owl Coffee Midlands

Dance Choreography:    Natashwar Dance Academy

Sitar Player:                        Shanjeeth Teeluk

Violin and Cello:                Petya Koleva

Priests :                                Pundit Dhansankar H Maharajh and Pundit Nimesh Raval


  1. Warren Duffield on July 14, 2019 at 5:58 am

    Wow your pics are amazing! Great job! I loved my time with them teaching them their first dance! A very special couple! Wishing them nothing but the best as they start their lives as husband and wife!

    Warren Duffield
    FloorCraft Dance Studio

  2. Tricia on July 17, 2019 at 9:30 am

    Absolutely spectacular! I love all the rich colours. What a beautiful set of photographs by which to remember this special day.

  3. Lora MacLennan on July 18, 2019 at 11:44 am

    I was unfortunately not able to make this very special day but having looked at the beautiful photographs I feel as if I had been there. They are amazing and the bride will also be my “china doll”.

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