Oyster Box Wedding – Georgie + Mark

Cupid must have been smiling when a group of gorgeous, young humans boarded one particular super yacht on a fateful day not too long ago!

What is a super yacht you ask? It is basically an extremely expensive boat frequented by the rich and famous, usually crewed by folk from all over the world. These yachts are like floating hotels and epitomize luxury and extravagance.

The people who work on them work hard!
They work long hours!
They work for demanding people.

But when they are off, they are known to party like rock stars! Close bonds are often formed on these boats, as colleagues become friends and then family.

On this particular super-yacht, at this particular time, cupid shot a few arrows and Georgie and Mark weren’t the only ones to fall in love! In fact their wedding wasn’t the first wedding to come as a result of friendships formed on this legendary luxury vessel!

Georgie and Mark got married on a hot, steamy January day at Durban’s magnificent Oyster Box Hotel, which looks over the Indian Ocean and Umhlanga’s famous red and white lighthouse. They had guests fly in from all over the world and so it was truly a destination wedding, even though Mark is originally from KZN. Everything was exquisitely planned and executed, from Georgie’s drop dead stylish gown, to the incredible florals, to the scrumptious food. And to top it all off was a party that had me asking the DJ for the play list.

Georgie, Mark and family – Thanks so very much for picking me to capture these precious memories. It truly was an honour and a pleasure getting to know you all!

And now for the credits …..

Huge thanks to my My Mum who did so much of the planning and organising alongside Ginny and Sue. We so appreciate everything!

Second Shooter: Charne Wessner

Venue: The Oyster Box

Wedding planner: Ginny Eslick

Decor: Sue BaxterFlowers: Sue Baxter

Hair: Charelle McAllister.

Make up: Charelle McAllister.

Brides Dress: Jesus Piero (designer)

Brides shoes: Crispins London

Bridesmaids dresses: Phase Eight

Groom’s Outfit: Trousers from El Ganso, shirt from Thomas Pink

Cake: Penny Fitchet

Music: DJ Vivian

Priest: Wessel


  1. Tricia on March 3, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Such an elegant and stylish wedding, so beautifully captured!

  2. Charelle McAllister on March 6, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    Wow what Fun this Family are! Such a lovely couple, these images are gorgeous Jax!

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