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Simbithi Wedding – Rahana + Bradley

Rahana, Bradley and their gorgeous daughter Zia emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa some time back. They got married over there but came home recently to celebrate their union with family and friends at the Simbithi Country Club. Bradley is the extrovert  with a small dash of crazy while Rahana is more introspective and very gracious. Zia is a beautiful mix of the two of them and is such a special child who was a real delight to photograph! Rahana and Bradley describe themselves as being unconventional and this, coupled with the fact that they come from different religious backgrounds, meant that they decided to have an unconventional wedding celebration. It was a wedding without a ceremony so it really could be termed a big party with a white dress and lots of dancing and fun. But this was more than just a party it was a celebration of love, and of families and friends being reunited. It was also a beautiful celebration of being South African – something that these two will never lose despite living in another country!

One of my favourite things about shooting weddings is that I get to meet so many different people from so many different cultures, countries and walks of life. Rahana and Bradley’s wedding celebration stood out for me as having the most diverse bunch of fabulous folk on the guest list that I have photographed this year and I just loved that!

Thank you so much Rahana and Bradley for picking me to capture this very special event in your lives. I so enjoyed watching you make these incredible memories through my lens. I also just loved getting to know you all.


A few words from us….

Amidst all the cheers, the joy, the celebrations and the reunions, we could have never prepared ourselves for the elation from the flood of emotions that overwhelmingly consumed us. We knew coming home for our celebration would be sentimental yet we would have never imagined what we were in for! The reactions from our guests were priceless and surprisingly so for us since these were small elements incorporated that had deeper meaning for us.

A huge note of appreciation to our guests and although I would have loved to have my dear sister, Ruksana by my side, I was comforted knowing that I would see her soon!

A few honourable mentions …..

My mom and father in law – our pillars of strength. We can always depend on youJ

Shanaaz and Salma – My sisters from my second mum, Aunt Sakina. Thank you for standing by us with all the love, support and humour. Mad love for you guys!

Ricardo and Tina Van Zyl, Baden Hendricks, Sarlim and Mary Mohammed, Larry Goodman – You were God sent! We couldn’t have got through the preparations and the day without you.

Mearl Mclean – your love and support is ever enduring my friendJ

Photographer: Jacki Bruniquel and Second Shooter Liz Donnell

Ever since we stumbled across Jacki’s talent there was no turning back. I met her in person for the first time the day before the celebration and it felt like meeting an old friend! Being a psychology graduate and in the profession that includes human behaviour, I was drawn to her skill that spoke volumes of depth to discover a humble, down to earth soul.

Liz and Jax, like most of your clients, we were and still in awe of your dedication and precision to your art. #ProudlySouthAfrican #TheAteam!


Venue: Simbithi Country Club

Venue Coordinator: Alexis Pitt We appreciate all your hard work and patience with us having to coordinate through different time zones J

Wedding planner: Salma Gordon – my dear cousin. Sally G, you were a charm to work with including all the fun and excitement along the way! You kept me sane cuz.

Decor: Hanging Forest – Crystal and Vine, Kim Roberts The creator of the masterpiece.

Flower Arrangements for tables and deck area – Aunt Lynette 031 303 2407 and Aunt Else Johnson 076 190 9905 (Newlands East Talent!) – You were absolutely amazing! With just a week to prepare in South Africa, the table décor was the most worrying and you gracefully came to our rescue.

Tables and Chairs – Supplied by Hire Standards

Flowers for tables and deck area: Fresh Flowers International 54 Florida Rd Durban – Aunt Lynette 031 303 2407

Cake: Fatima Al – seppe 084 510 8813. Thank you Moonira for organising this.

Make-up and Hairstyle: Sindisiwe Uzuri Blog:

Brides Dress: Olivelli – Northcliffe

Alterations done by: I Sew 4 U – New Zealand

Brides shoes: Steve Madden New Zealand

Groom’s Suit: Tommy Gun New Zealand

MC: Shanaaz Gordan and Omar Mohammed (Aka Skank). My dear cousin and brother – you guys rocked. I knew you would make a mean team. Unfortunately they live oversees, otherwise I would have shared their contact details J

Music: DJ Warren Houston- Entertainment World 082 747 28 53/ 031 577 7015 #NewlandsEastTalent Warren, much appreciation for your effort and time organising Bradley’s stag party. You rock!

Marimba Band: Bryan’s Percussion Enterprises

Comedian: The one and only, Carvin H Goldstone

Sweat Meats: Supplied and made by my dear Mum J Love you dearly mum.

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  1. Tricia on December 22, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    What a fun couple! Such a gorgeous bride too.

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