Woodridge Greek Wedding – Tash + Manoli

Whilst having breakfast the day after Tash and Manoli’s Woodridge wedding, one of the guests asked “I often wonder what non Greeks must think of us smashing plates and setting the dance floor alight”. This made me laugh as for a non Greek like me, it seems like alot of fun; CRAZY but fun!! One of the main reasons why I was so excited to shoot this wedding was because I knew there was going to be a bit of plate chucking going on! It was a bit frightening at times and I am surprised I made it out of there without a smashed lens or stitches, but besides a pair of very stiff legs there were no casualties!

Tash and Manoli you have a wonderful love story and the way you value your family and friends is inspiring. We have so enjoyed working with you and wish you all the love and luck in the world for the next chapter in your lives.

And now a few words from the bride!!!

Every love story is Beautiful… But ours is my Favorite 🙂 

My Prince arrived 3 years ago, proposed a year ago, and today we are the happy Mr and Mrs Hajipetrou…

From the beginning Manoli and I wanted to have a weekend away wedding, we both have families that live over seas, and wanted them to spend as much time together with no fuss and hassle of having to drive and get somewhere for the day, we wanted to create an ambiance that captured our love for each other and our free spirit for life, I still remember meeting with Alexis for the first time which was exactly a year ago to our date of marriage – and saying that we wanted something a little different, something that would capture who we were, and so we came about our 1920’s Gatsby theme…
And WOW what a weekend it was – Alexis and Lindy, you ladies outdid yourselves – putting all our planning and work from the past year together, and creating the exact ambiance that Manoli and I  wanted, you two are truly Angels “Thank You” From our big family and close friends dinner on Friday night (Thank you David for the Music it was a  BIG hit, some guests still had soldiers banging around in their heads on Saturday Morning) right down to smashing plates and dancing the night away on Saturday evening.
One memory I will always have, and that is feeling utter calm and love as my gorgeous son walked me into the chapel to meet my Dad, who looked at me with such love and pride, and led me to Manoli – he took my hand and with a gorgeous sexy little smile said “Hi Beautiful” well… I felt like a little girl falling in love for the first time, it was absolute bliss – I had been blessed with the love from all the men in my life, and what a feeling that was…

Thank you to everyone who was involved in our wedding – Alexis, Lindy, Jacki, David, Jonothan, Amanda, Carita, Madelain, Karen and Woodridge.  A special Thank you to our Parents, Ronnie and Elma and Savvas and Androula, without you – none of this would have been possible – we love you dearly, and to our children, Jordan, Troy and Dmitriy – Thank you for being part of this very special day that we will all treasure for a lifetime together – love you darlings.
Last but not least – a very special Thank you to all our guests, especially those that travelled far to be with us – from Manoli and I, we appreciate and love each and every one of you –

I can honestly say that I have married my Prince, so for all of those out there still looking, hold on tight  – your Prince will sweep you off your feet when you least expect it xxx

Second Shooter: Tash Schoeman

Venue: Woodridge Country Hotel & Spa – Balgowan

Wedding planner:  The amazing Alexis Yapp from Surrel Eventing – what an absolute GEM, between Alexis and Lindy from Labola they created our perfect dream weddingalexis@surrealeventing.co.za” alexis@surrealeventing.co.za

Decor: Lindy Fourie (Lala) from Labola – www.labola.co.za

Hair: Make-up your Mind – Jenna Love – 031 3122019 / www.makeupyourmind.co.za

Make up:  Make-up your Mind – Angela Wheeler Watson – 031 3122019 / www.makeupyourmind.co.za

Shoes: Aldo

Bridesmaids Dress       Madelain Clark – 0825051093

Brides Dress:  The talented Carita Adams from Carita Bridal – 0848533911 / www.carita.co.za

Brides shoes: Aldo

Groom’s Suit:  Hugo Boss

Groomsmen Suits: Suit up – Suit Hire, info@suitupsuithire.co.za

Cake: Sasha Naidoo from Sugar Coated Cakes – thecakebaker@mweb.co.za

Music: The one and only – Mr David Yapp from Top Jocks – 0837877888

Videographer: Jonothan Rundle from Videoccasions – 0833203711

Stationary : Crystal Print – Amanda and Ross – www.crystalprintsa.co.za

Bridal accommodation   Woodridge Fields Agent – Karen Botterill 0725690322 / karenbp@global.co.za


  1. Delia on September 3, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Those tequila shot images!!!! Amazeballs as always Jax!

  2. Tash on September 3, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Oh my word Jax… They are amazing – you have captured each moment – ones that Manoli and I would not even remember – oh my word we are so super happy, I knew their was a reason why we chose you – absolute brilliance, can’t wait to see the rest xxxxx

  3. Manoli on September 4, 2013 at 5:56 am

    Wowoweewo, so impressive
    Thank you so much, not only for the awesome pics, but the cool, chill, funny and professional way they where taken . Each pic transports me back to that moment. I can’t wait to see more of your brilliance. mwah

  4. Jessica Westergreen on September 4, 2013 at 10:47 am

    Amazing ! Wow . Made just the littlest of tears roll down my cheek !Enjoy your love story !

  5. audrey rose on September 4, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    congrats guys!
    amazing photos
    manoli you tequila face does me proud

  6. Violet on September 5, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Just WOW….STUNNING stunning stunning…beautiful couple beautiful wedding..Xx

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