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Advice from a hairdresser – Drew Christie of Evolve

Drew is more than just a hair stylist – he is an ARTIST and an EXPERIENCE! We have worked together on loads of different shoots and weddings and I am lucky enough to call him a good friend too! Here are some really handy tips for brides who want great wedding hair!


How did you end up styling?

As a child, I had a really bad self-image. I could never understand why people treated me differently to who I was on the inside. I realised that it was the impression I was giving off that was resulting in the way I was being treated. Perception in the mind was their reality.  It fascinated me that humans judged a person by their exterior form rather than their content. I started watching people and how they interacted with one another. As a species we tend to be kinder to those who are more aesthetic. I noticed that there were similarities between all beautiful people. They were groomed. They stood up straight, they were confident and smiled more. Most beautiful people had styled hair and wore make-up and nice clothes.

I always wanted to be great at what I do, so I moved to London and studied fashion. Three years in, I discovered that in fashion one tends to develop relationships with Chinese factories rather than individuals, and I wanted to work with people so I finished my degree and started an apprenticeship with Toni and Guy. Hair was a pleasure for me. While others in my class battled, I flew through my studies, with ease. My lecturers called me a natural hairstylist.

Understanding body shape and form from my fashion design days, I found comfort in realising that the principles for a flattering fashions and flattering hair were the same. Both cotton and hair are fibers which can be cut, trimmed, shaped and coloured to enhance human form to a far more aesthetic shape. Hair was my medium and it listened when spoke.

In 2007, I had learned what I had set out to learn and more, so moved back to my hometown of Durban. In 2009 I opened Evolve, a make over studio. We have since moved location and are now situated at The Riverside Hotel in Durban North.

What do you love about wedding styling?

I love being part of the family dynamic and seeing first hand how everyone comes together. I love the big dress, seeing that smile on the brides face when she sees herself in the mirror as I fit her veil.

Who is your ideal client?

Gosh, there are so many different kinds of brides. I have to say when she is beautiful on the inside. That is my best.

Do you have any advice for brides when choosing a look?

Collecting pictures always helps. The silhouette is the most important. Also how the hair looks from the front because inevitably most photos are taken from that angle. The hair should also balance out the dress, Big Dress = Big Hair.

Do you have any tips for brides who plan on having loads of bridesmaids?

Choosing to have a big bridal party can be quite stressful on the bride. I would suggest you make sure there’s no-one around who irritates you while your getting ready. And make sure your bridesmaids realise the word “maid” is in their title for a reason. So make use of them. If they love you they will gladly do chores for you. It’s their job to remove any stressful situation and deal with problems so you don’t have to. If there are many bridesmaids make sure you get ready in a big space with lots of natural light.

Do you think a trial is important?

Definitely. The point of a pre bridal hair trial is to try out your different options and see what they look like on your face, with your hair. Remember that bridal hair alone might feel strange. That’s due to the lack of wedding gown and make up. Be optimistic but realistic, those I feel are a good combination to have.
Also the trial is a good opportunity to see whether your stylist is capable of up-styles and styling. That is a different art to cutting and colouring.

What are the latest trends for wedding hair?

Victoria’s Secret look is very popular at the moment. Loose, natural, soft, bouncy, wavy, glossy, beachy are all words I hear alot during recent trials. Copying a friend because she looked beautiful in a specific style is not a good idea. Do what you like and what suits your hair. Allow the stylist to make necessary adjustments to make it flattering to your bone structure. At the moment I’m loving a loose swept updo for the ceremony and photos, then pull out the grips, shake out the style and pull to the one side for a down look at the reception.

Do you have any advice for pre-wedding hair care?

Condition of hair is everything so top up your treatments and get regular trims (make sure your stylist trims 1cm every month for maximum growth). I feel that if you’re naturally a blonde, redhead or brunette that is the colour you should have on your wedding day. Enhancing, brightening or deepening the shade is a good thing though. Adding extra volume and length with clip in extensions is very 2013, especially if you are wearing it down.

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