Are you my new part time photography assistant?

My assistant Charne is changing roles and I will be looking for a person to fill her role as a part time photographic assistant.

Charne has worked for me for two years now, and I have seen her grow in so many ways during this time. We’ve had so many laughs and been on lots of adventures, but she has decided that a career in people photography isn’t her thing and she actually prefers the social media and admin side of this job. Charne is really great with this and I’m so glad that she is staying on to work in the office and BTS but I need to find a new person to help me on wedding and portrait shoots.

In case you are new to my work …..

I am a creative wedding and portrait photographer based in Ballito KZN. All of my shooting is done on location and I shoot all over KZN, South Africa and have had a few international assignments to date. My office is in my home at the Mouse House and this is where a lot of the post-production is done, although Charne does work from home most often.

My photographic assistant’s responsibilities are:

Ensuring all batteries are charged, lenses are cleaned and equipment is in order for shoots

Packing for shoots and making sure nothing is left behind

Assisting me on all shoots ie carrying bags, changing lenses, carrying ladders, herding people, ensuring that we both drink and eat enough on shoots, working with shot lists and keeping tabs on equipment.

Monitoring memory cards

Working with off camera flash

Working with reflectors and scrims

Ensuring that we stick to schedule

Second shooting during certain parts of a wedding

Backing up images onto various hard drives

Keeping a record of all travel done for the accountant

I work very closely with my assistant on shoots so it is therefore very important that my new assistant is an agreeable person who is easy to get along with. They need to be able to work well under pressure and deal with me who can sometimes be ditzy. We are often away together and need to share a room so I need a female assistant for weddings. I work on a number of high-end weddings therefore this person needs to be professional, polite, discreet and presentable as they will have direct contact with my clients. I’m not interested in employing any chancers who want to work with me for a few months and then go off on their own. It is absolutely vital that this person is 100% reliable and won’t let me down at the last minute. It must be noted that this job involves long hours on your feet and carrying lots of heavy stuff so you need to be physically fit.

Here is my wish list:

Preferably a Female as we often have to share rooms and sometimes even a bed

A non-smoker

Should have their own transport and a valid license

Fast learner

Hard worker

They must be prepared to work long hours on weekends, and carry heavy equipment. We do have assignments during the week but this is something we can chat about.

They must be prepared to travel, stay overnight on assignments and share a room with me when need be

They should have a valid passport

They must not snore!!!

Assistant is required to be well dressed and groomed on wedding assignments

Must have a knowledge of Photography and can shoot in manual

Organisational skills are very important as is initiative and being able to deal with people

Diligence and taking pride in work is essential

Honesty and reliability is a must

This person needs to be able to prove themselves and go the extra mile

I spent many years assisting photographers and believe this is a vital stepping-stone to setting up your own business. I will nurture and mentor my new assistant and give them the secrets to the success I have worked for over the years but in return they need to stick around for at least two years and work hard on assignments.

Wedding Photography at the level that I practice it is incredibly hard work but it is also very rewarding. Every job is totally different. We have shot weddings on farms and fancy hotels, have met so many different types of people over the years and have had so many different cultural experiences. If you love people and love people watching this is the job for you. If you love travel you will fit right in. If you love high paced work that is never boring this is the job for you.

This is a part time position and pay per job will be determined by skill and will be increased as applicant adds value to the business.

The successful applicant will be required to go through an intense training period.

Interested persons can send me a CV and a letter motivating why I should hire them. They should also explain why they would like to work with me. My address is

If we feel you are potentially the right person for the job there will be a questionnaire to fill out and from there an interview.

Thanks so much for your time.


  1. Lizzy on November 6, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    Can I apply?

  2. Cherry Muir on November 18, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Hi Jacki.
    I have read through your requirements for a Photographic assistant, and I feel that I qualify. Before I send you my CV, I would like to know more about you, and where you are based. I live in Durban. I am single and have for many years been doing Photography, including Weddings, Family Photos, Portraits. I am single, willing to do all that you have listed. I am 67 years old, but I am a young 67 year old, and very able to do most things.
    I was a member of the Durban Camera Club some years ago, and managed to take away one of their trophies. I have been awarded Certificates of Achievement in Municipal Photographic Challenges. I run a Photographic Challenge every month on Facebook. Jo=Anne’s Photo Challenge. (Mother is Jo-Anne). My photographs very often come in as one of the Winners, of which there is a First, Second and third place. Please let me know where you are situated,
    Kind regards
    Cherry Muir

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