Be Present

What makes your mind stop jabbering and has your heart racing??

For me ……

It’s galloping on a horse, wind whirling through my ears, hot muscles carrying me like thundering wings.

It’s gently flowing on my yoga mat, in touch with heart whilst the sweet smell of incense tendrils soothes my soul.

It’s gliding through salty liquid glass on my surfboard like a dolphin. Connected.. Cool, Glistening.

It’s transcending into hyper focus through the cameras’ view-finder to seek out the light, watch for moments and search for composition.

I call these moving meditations and this is when time stops.

For some people time stops at the top of a mountain or the beauty of the moment when the sun disappears on the horizon. For some it’s in the giggle of a babies cherub lips and for others it’s at the bottom of a bungee jump.

Magic is always found in the moment and yet we are so often caught up in our mind. Caught up in the past, caught up in the future. Caught up in our fears. Caught up in why we can’t, shouldn’t, haven’t, won’t, mustn’t.When we stop being in the moment fear creeps in. Maybe I will fall off? Maybe I am not good enough? Maybe I should be doing something else? What if they wont like it?

If you want to improve your photography it is so vital to find the space in your life where you can connect with your heart, connect with moment and suspend fear.

This is where you will find what your soul has to give you. This is your special something that only you can express. This is your magic. This is what will separate you from the world.

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